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Brecheliant Family
Master Medic
Master Midwife
Master Sitter
Mate to Maia
Played By: Iris
Basic Info
Full Name: Elwood Junior "Eljay" Blackthorn
Subspecies: buffalo wolf x northern rocky mountains wolf
Size: Medium, Stocky
Sex: Male
Gender: Male
Pronouns: He/him
Age: 9 (06/12/2015)
Birthplace: Redhawk Caldera
At a Glance
Soft, caring, sensitive, expressive features that make him look younger than he is. A freckled face. Blackthorn stripe on his back. Of average size.

Profile of Eljay: Details
Grey from head to tail, just like his parents. He has inherited the Blackthorn stripe along his back, and has a smattering of freckles across his cheeks. He's an average sized wolf, a perfect combination of Finley and Elwood. His eyes are a vibrant shade of jade green. With every year, Eljay gains more white, spreading out from the white areas of his pelt to indicate that he's getting older.

Young Eljay ref by Stevie

by Starr

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by Kris
shy; highly sensitive (HSP); easily flustered; always looking to make the lives of those around him easier; afraid to do the wrong thing.

Eljay was born in Redhawk Caldera to parents Elwood and Finley. He was very attached to his parents from early on, having no siblings. This attachment quadruppled when Finley got lost early in his youth on an outriding mission. Eljay is scared to leave Redhawk Caldera and prefers to stay at home. Due to his difficult youth Eljay still acts fairly young, and he puts a lot of pressure on developing and growing up which doesn't help.

A day after his two year birthday, Eljay leaves Redhawk Caldera because he doesn't want to be a bother to them anymore. Eljay ends up close to Wildfire's new pack, Drageda. After a few months of scraping by at the borders of Drageda he is finally accepted into the pack. Eljay takes some time to recover from life as a loner. He meets Wildfire's children Bobbin and Blixen. When Redhawk Caldera and Drageda go to war with Blackfeather Woods, Eljay can't bear the thought of his mom getting hurt and he finds her during the war. Eljay gets hurt trying to protect Finley and is brought back to Redhawk Caldera, where he stays. The pack moves to Heron Lake Plateau after the war, but Eljay dislikes this place and is homesick after Redhawk Caldera.

End 2018 Wildfire returns to the Redhawk pack. She soon decides to create her own pack, Firebirds. Eljay joins the pack right away, not wanting to lose Wildfire (again). During Wildfire's heat they mate. Eljay has feelings for Wildfire but he's too afraid to admit them. Wildfire is the one to admit she wants to be mates with Eljay first mid-February 2019, after they establish that Wildfire is really pregnant, so they become mates. Not long after their children, Elfie and Weejay, are born Wildfire dies of illness. Eljay is heart-broken. He tries to protect his children but drives Elfie away with his overbearing protectiveness. Elfie leaves the pack but the sister pack he goes to for training has a collapsed wall. Eljay never sees Elfie again, despite searching for him and asking around other packs.

Spring 2020 Finley and Elwood die, leaving Eljay in a difficult depression after losing Elfie and Wildfire before that. He struggles throughout the summer and Weejay takes care of him. In the fall, Maia leaves the pack, and Eljay realises that he likes her. He contemplates going after her for some time, but the pack struggles with some things instead: There's a flood, forcing them to relocate temporarily, and in the end they decide to move back to Redhawk Caldera because of other threats. Eljay blossoms at the Caldera. Days after their move, Maia shows up wounded and afraid at their doorstep in the middle of the night. Eljay finds her and nurses her back to health. They admit their feelings for each other. Wraen and Maia move to Broken Antler Fen, closeby, so that Eljay and Maia can more frequently see each other.

In the middle of Spring 2021 Eljay has a burn-out and ends up moving abruptly to Maia's pack, Brecheliant. Not long after there are some deaths in the pack, among which Wraen, just as Eljay and Maia are expecting their first litter. Not long after Hymnal and Sylvie are born, Eljay is asked to step up to be Brecheliant's leader and he reluctantly agrees. Ibis, the previous leader, passed away and Eljay and Maia adopt Roswell, Jasmine and Diantha into their family.

In January 2022, the wolves of Brecheliant move to Redhawk Caldera following the sudden departure of the wolves there, and the Fen's low food resources. In April 2022 Maia and Eljay's next litter is born: Ceridwen, Chickadee, Jay, and Aiden. Later in the year, the pack adopts Shenanigans, a young pup that had gotten lost. Eljay feels overwhelmed and stressed over the summer and decides to take a step back to enjoy his family in the fall. Maia becomes the new Auspex by the pack's vote.

June 2023, Eljay and Maia have another litter: Frolic, Glee and Callahan. Eljay feels at ease in his life in Brecheliant, and enjoys life watching his children grow up and flourish. Eljay's physical health diminishes over this year, where he starts to get stiffer and slows down his pace.

In 2024, Chickadee comes home to Brecheliant with her mate Kivaluk and they have three children: Crane, Eagle and Cardinal. Though he and Maia do not have any children this year, Eljay and Maia enjoy their new role as grandparents very much.
Parents: Elwood β™‚ ✝ & Finley ♀ ✝ Blackthorn
Siblings, 2016: Liffey ♀, Lucy ♀ & Lagan β™‚
Siblings, 2017: Clover ♀, Fiadh ♀, Tegan β™‚, Lucca β™‚
Siblings, 2018: Tywyll β™‚, Cinder β™‚
Siblings, 2019: Avery ♀, Sugar Glider ♀, Crow β™‚ & Penn β™‚

Mate: Maia ♀
Widow to: Wildfire ♀ ✝
Children, 2019 x Wildfire: Elwood Junior II "Elfie" β™‚ & Whisky Jay "Weejay" ♀
Children, 2021 x Maia: Sylvie ♀, Hymnal ♀
Adopted children, 2021: Diantha ♀, Jasmine ♀, Roswell β™‚
Children, 2022 x Maia: Ceridwen ♀, Chickadee ♀, Jay β™‚, Aiden β™‚
Adopted children, 2022: Shenanigans ♀
Children, 2023 x Maia: Frolic ♀, Glee ♀, Callahan β™‚
Grandchildren, 2024 β€” Chickadee x Kivaluk: Eagle β™‚, Crane ♀, Cardinal ♀

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Pack History
Brecheliant: 03/10/2021 β€” present
Redhawk Caldera: 11/01/2020 β€” 03/10/2021
Firebirds: 01/05/2019 β€” 10/31/2020
Redhawks: 01/19/2018 β€” 01/05/2019
Drageda: 08/06/2017 β€” 01/19/2018
Lone wolf: 06/13/2017 β€” 08/06/2017
Redhawk Caldera: 06/12/2015 β€” 06/13/2017
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