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Basic Info
Full Name: Merlin, formerly "Elwood Jr. II "Elfie""
Subspecies: Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 17th March 2019 - 5th May 2021 (Spring 2019)
Birthplace: Sun Mote Copse
At a Glance
This: [Image: flrnwOW.jpg]

Artwork by Iris
Profile of Merlin: Details
Little, fluffy sandy-greyish-white ball of joy and awesomeness with oversized ears and baby-blue eyes, which will later turn into a beautiful teal with a glint of mischief.

A year later Elfie has grown into a tall, gangly young wolf with a reddish-brown coat, white collar, belly and paws. His eyes are teal. Due to the boardwide famine and having been trapped under a rockslide, he is lean and his coat is worn and dull.

As of September 2020: the scraggly young wolf that left the wilds has returned few months later, having fully grown into his shoes. Still on the lean side, but well-built and handsome. His coat is in a beautiful shade of dark red.

Elfie started off as a happy-go-lucky, rambunctious and mischief prone, but very good-natured kid. He spent most of his adolescence fighting with his father and against his well meant restrictions, fighting with his other relatives and being quite annoying and difficult to be around. Still curious, thirsty for knowledge and new experience.

After suffering a severe concussion, he has become a lot calmer and milder, kind-hearted to the point of being naive and easy to fool. During his time away the injuries to his mind have healed a little - while still calm and kind, he is less likely to trust everyone.
Elfie was born alongside his sister Weejay to Eljay and Wildfire at Firebirds. He lost his mother early in his childhood and this event affected his life profoundly. He himself did not grieve much, but he blamed his mother for pretty much stealing his father and sister from him, making him feel abandoned, while they dealt with her passing.

Eljay's imposed safety measures and restrictions to his children, created a rift in Elfie's relationship with his father. He thought him weak, without a backbone and not fun to be around. He broke the rules frequently and rather openly disrespected his remaining parent. He remained close with his sister, but he began having trouble being around other kids as well.

During this time Wraen became his particular friend and mentor and with her aid he joined Towhee at Asterism Grove to begin mercenary training. This plan was never fulfilled, because an earthquake trapped him and the rest of the pack wolves inside the valley. Few weeks later he escaped, when another quake opened another passage-way. Though he does not recall this, he became trapped under rocks, suffered a severe concussion and was almost dead, when Maegi of Blackfeather woods found him.

He was her loyal companion and good friend for few months after, until Maegi decided to leave together with Mou and, since Elfie could not be weaned off the medicine against his headaches around that time, he stayed behind. He relocated with the rest of the Diaspora wolves to Sawtooth spire later.

He made a formal friendship with Mahler and attempted to connect with some other people within the pack and outside, but did not have much progress in making friends. Which led him to be withdrawn, melancholic and very lonely. One evening he caught sight of Quellcrist (a girl he had met twice and been unable to communicate nicely), who seemed to be a bit off. He followed her and... was not seen in the vicinity of Sawtooth spire again.

After travelling with Quellcrist for a long time, the two got separated and Elfie ended up with a group of nomadic wolves, which mainly consisted of bachelors and outcasts from other packs. There he stayed, got a new name, learned and grew, until they happened to pass Teekon Wilds and Elfie, now called Merlin decided to separate himself from the group and head out on his own.

He stayed at Sapphique for a while, experiencing his first crush on Erzulie and finding a friend and companion in Njord. Early in the spring Erzulie asked him to father children and with much reluctance and lack of confidence he complied. This event, however, left him withdrawn and traumatized for a long time.

Death in Summer 2021: Merlin never truly recovered from the brain injury he had got during the rockslide. He dealt with not only memory loss, but frequent migraines and hallucinations. Moments of brightness, where his true character shone through (that of a confident, witty and cheeky young man), were interspersed between long bouts of insecurity, crippling shyness and inability to fit in.

During one of the worst spells of hallucinations he lost his path and walked off the cliffs and fell to his death in the ocean.
Mother and father: Wildfire and Eljay
Full sibling: Weejay
Half-siblings: see Wildfire's profile (Elfie has met only Kiwi and does not recall her)
Cousins: Blackthorn and Redhawk clan
Grandparents: Blackthorns and Redhawks

Friends: Wraen, Maegi, Mou
Pack History
Firebirds: fire-egg [check] -> fire-hatchling [check] -> fire-chick [check] -> awesome, fire-breathing firebird.

Diaspora-Sagtannet: going up and down the ranks.

Nomad: from Spring up until now.
Profile of Merlin: Additional Information
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Amazing avatar by Lieu!
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