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Basic Info
Full Name: Elwood Jr. II (Elfie, Elfin, Eljayjay and 100 other codenames)
Subspecies: Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: The stardust fell on 17th March 2019 (Spring 2019)
Birthplace: Sun Mote Copse
At A Glance
Do you see, what a cool Easter Egg I am going to be? Jealous?

[Image: flrnwOW.jpg]

Artwork by Iris
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Little, fluffy sandy-greyish-white ball of joy and awesomeness with oversized ears and baby-blue eyes, which will later turn into a beautiful teal with a glint of mischief.
He is a Blackthorn - what more do you want to know?
In few words: A road of greatness paved with awesomeness.

In more words:

Borned on 17th March 2019, did not wish to leave the comfy and spacious rooms of Wildfire's womb and therefore greeted the world with his beautiful rear end first.
Pack History
Hmmm... and the lucky winners are - WIFI and ELJAY!!!!
Firebirds: fire-egg [check] -> fire-hatchling [check] -> fire-chick [check] -> awesome, fire-breathing firebird.
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