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Full Name: Merrit
Subspecies: Northern Rocky Mountains Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: (May 21, 2018)
Birthplace: Easthollow
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Merrit is currently away. Reason: Settling into new work and a new home
Away Since: October 15, 2018 — Returns on: Unknown

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Black, Grey, and White · Hazel Green Eyes

Merrit will sport the black and grey colours from his father's side. He has cool white eyeliner under his eyes and cute white paws. He will be around the same size as his father. His eyes come from his mother's side.

A L I S . A S P I C I T . A S T R A

flying, he keeps his eyes on the stars
Mother: Valette
Father: Stark
Littermates: Keen, Arlette
Siblings (Valette via Ezekiel): Steph, Ezra, Clary
Adopted Siblings: Keoni, Nikai
Aunts: Banner, Sesi, Nanook
Uncles: Xan, Leo
Maternal Grandparents: Kove & Scarlett
Paternal Grandparents: Curran & York
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