Profile of Greyback: Quick Facts

WILTHKING (aka me!)

Mate to Valette

Basic Info
Full Name: Greyback
Subspecies: Mackenzie Valley Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 7 years old (2012)
Birthplace: Outside Teekon Wilds
At A Glance
A mountain of a man bathed in grey. Easily mistaken for a boulder...or a bear at times. Though he may seem scary with a scar plastered to his face he most often wears a kind smile and gaze.
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Greyback is currently away. Reason: Health problems + Surgery
Away Since: July 12, 2019 — Returns on: July 25, 2019

Profile of Greyback: Details

Gigantic and hefty, Greyback stands taller than the average wolf with a large stature and long northern fur. Due to his royal upbringing, he carries himself with a sense of nobility and strength to that akin of a king.

His face is masculine and square with a crooked muzzle and low prominent brow bones that sit above his small, orange slanted eyes. He has sharp cheekbones and a strong jaw as well that gives his face a square appearance. His face is adorned with a thick scar across his muzzle that spreads to underneath the middle of his eyes.

He has a broad chest and shoulders with a set of tall, thick legs. His fur is dark-grey boarding on roan. The fur on his neck and between his shoulder blades are long and fluffy like a lion while the rest of him is medium furred except for his joints and cheeks. A grey back band runs above his shoulders.

NOTE:While Greyback's linage carries genes that make the family large, he was born with a rare mutation called acromegaly (gigantism)
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Like Easthollow' stones, Greyback stands tall and radiates a sense of knowledge and assurance. He is quite stoic, often watching over others before making himself known through careful word choice and an outward appearance. Due to his royal upbringing he is a people-pleaser and tries his best to sort out situations with his utmost knowledge while being thoughtful with his actions and minding his manners in the company of others. He is even charming, quick with his tongue and wits and easily able to be savoir-faire.

Greyback is incredibly patient as well, testing the limits of what he can put up for as long as possible. He is unfazed by the anger of others (aggression is another thing), waiting for them to calm and being there when they are in need. Though he is friendly, he is endearing and playful to few- keeping it reserved to family, pups and young, and his mate.

Perhaps his biggest fault is his overpowering nature when it comes to being defensive and protective of everyone's needs within his pack. He is a mother hen at heart, and overbearing of others and sheltering most. This leads to him being relentless and demanding that others adhere to his words at times for their own safety. When things go wrong you can expect him to be around and determined to fix it while putting his own necessities aside. He is thick-skulled, impossible to sway when he has his mind set( which is often) and terrible at adjusting to new unknown situations.

Greyback is also emotionally inept, locking in his negative inner emotions away for the sake of not troubling others. He sees no need to project his depressing and concerning thoughts to everyone, and thinks little of their impact. Only his closest friends may know the struggle he faces internally for he trusts them with everything. He is open about positivity to everyone and strives to encourage and push others to their best potential.

Once taking a pacifist oath for the rest of his life, Greyback began fighting the thought of such a thing. As time progresses he finds himself thinking how little it matters and what lengths he will go to in order to keep Easthollow safe.


STRENGTH: β—†β—†β—†β—†β—†β—†β—†β—†β—†β—‹
SPEED: β—†β—†β—‹β—‹β—‹β—‹β—‹β—‹β—‹β—‹
STAMINA: β—†β—†β—†β—†β—†β—†β—†β—†β—‹β—‹
FIGHTING: β—†β—‹β—‹β—‹β—‹β—‹β—‹β—‹β—‹

Cedar wood and Petrichor

WEIGHT AND HEIGHT (to shoulder)
220lbs 37in | 99.7kg 93cm

Voice is Eddard Stark

NOTE: Valette is welcome to PP Greyback at any given time. She is also allowed in any of his private marked threads!

Pack History
Mate: Valette

Children(Via Valette): Leta Newt West Clay
(Via Venicy)Ira

Parents: Whitewind† Asmund†

Sister in laws: Sesi Nanook
Brother in laws: Xan

LONE WOLF β€” 07/04/2011 till 1/31/18
EASTHOLLOW β€” 01/31/18 till present

Profile of Greyback: Additional Information
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