Profile of Nanook: Quick Facts
Mate to Siarut
Played By: Jaclyn
Basic Info
Full Name: Nanook 'Polaris' Apaata
Subspecies: Northern Rocky Mountains Wolf x Eastern Timber Wolf x Arctic Wolf Mix
Sex: Female
Age: 4 (18th June 2015)
Birthplace: Bearclaw Valley, Teekon Wilds
At a Glance
Profile of Nanook: Details

Nanook is a woman of average height; she is lean, angular, and sharp, wrapped in a silvery array of wild and windswept fur. A storm made manifest; an intricate pattern of pale silvers and midnight ebony, fading to a creamy grey on her undersides and cheeks. Various wounds clothe her body as scars, none recent, yet many collected through the years. Her eyes are a fierce copper.

Born in Bearclaw Valley on 18th June, 2015 alongside littermates Alexander, Sesi, Desna and herself.

In the early fall of 2015, Nanook left Bearclaw Valley with her mother and sisters after their alpha, Raziel, disappeared, and their mother, Scarlett, broke ties with their father, Kove. She perceived the separation of her parents as a punishment against her, and to make retribution for her unnameable wrongs, Nanook committed herself to doing anything it took to find her brother and father and reunite her broken family.

On the 16th of January, her mother, Scarlett, passed away from complications following a cougar attack. Nanook was too young to know how to handle the many blows life dealt her, and she ran away from the Maplewood shortly after her mother's death, leaving her sister Desna behind. Nanook survived the winter by feeding as a scavenger while she crudely taught herself to hunt.

As her thoughts matured over the months, Nanook tried to decipher which of her misdeeds was at the root of her parent's separation. Nanook kept herself from the company of other wolves in fear she may repeat that same mistake again, or inflict them with all the grief that life had inflicted her.

After a brief stay in Silvertip Mountain, Nanook slipped to the North in an effort to find a new start in life. A wise old wolf found her there, and brought her to a sisterhood where Nanook was healed from the past trauma she had suffered. In its place, she discovered a deep respect for the world, and for family.

It was with this understanding that Nanook returned South and found a home with her sister in Easthollow. She helped Valette raise her nieces and nephew, Steph, Clary, and Ezra, when Valette's mate Ezekiel walked out on the small family. She also served for a brief tenure as Beta of the pack before she was called away to attend the passing of her Northern mentor.

Upon returning to the South, Nanook set out to find her own place in the world. In this time she encountered Siarut, who captured her attention by his fluency in Inuttuk and his cold, yet curious, demeanour. She followed him and his family to Duskfire Glacier, and found herself growing closer to the male as time went on. Although she was lost in the tunnels of the Glacier after a cave-in, Nanook and Siarut reunited, and returned North, where Nanook sought out the monastic order of wolves again, to aid in her best friend's recovery after his home was wiped by a blizzard.

They return South, to begin their next chapter together.
Siarut Iyaroak Ateneq β™‚

CHILDREN via Siarut
Selamuit β™‚, Kallik β™‚, Taktuq ♀, Ikiaq β™‚

Kove Apaata β™‚ & Scarlett Apaata (Silverpeak) ♀

Sesi Apaata ♀, Xan Apaata β™‚, Desna Apaata ♀

via KOVE & NEMESIS: Atshen β™‚, Keelut β™‚, Astrid ♀, Abraxas β™‚

via VALETTE & EZEKIEL: Steph ♀, Ezra β™‚, Clary ♀
via VALETTE & STARK: Keen ♀, Merrit β™‚, Arlette ♀
via VALETTE & GREYBACK: Clay β™‚, West β™‚, Leta ♀, Newt β™‚
via XAN & LAUREL: Lucas β™‚, Piper ♀, Wyatt β™‚
via XAN & REIGI: Nunataq ♀, Yakone ♀, Marten β™‚
Pack History
β€” June, 18th 2015 to Fall 2015

Fall 2015 - January 2016

January 2016 - Present
Profile of Nanook: Additional Information
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Warrior - Naturalist - Healer

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with every heartbeat I have left
I will defend your every breath, I promise
I'll do better
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