Profile of Legend: Quick Facts
Akashingo Yaret
Played By: Neoma
Basic Info
Full Name: Legend Sekhem
Subspecies: Gray Wolf
Size: Tiny, Lanky
Sex: Female
Pronouns: She/her
Age: 3 (June, 2021)
Birthplace: Sekhem (Far South of Teekon)
Voice Claim - Jinx
Profile of Legend: Details
Toy and pet to Akashingo: An easy made dog with little focused purpose. A devil spawn, surely. Chained loyalty to their ways and culture, bowed at the feet to the Pharaoh and Erpa-ha.

A pelt of soot and ash, coupled with a doe-eyed, sky gray, powdery-blue devilish gaze. A happy, coy smile constantly on her lips. A sometimes uncanny, dolly stare.

Lithe in build with agile limbs and a skinny, small body. Long legged, thin waist, and a narrow face. Often squints her right eye.

Oh, little liar. Little raven and devoted disciple.

Hyperactive | ENTP-A | Curious | Talkative | Friendly | True-Blue | Charming | Needy | Manipulative

A devilish imp on a self-made trail for amusement. A childish, manipulative, intelligent nature that chatters and weaves with a charming flare. A rapid-paced mind.

Constantly searching for interaction, her needy nature wishes to paint out conversations and draw someone in to play games with her, be it physically, verbally, or mentally. Most of her time is spent alone, watching, and she is quite used doing so, yet her eyes are quite begging to be included in someone else's day. A shown pleaser. Certainly friendly and a social-butterfly. She'll take any bit of affection given towards her. She craves it in ten-fold, helplessly desperate, and will put down her loyalty to anyone who gives it to her. When taunted with the chance, she will prove herself to a being who lets her in any way she can, for the better or for the worst. Grows love high. Thrill high. An adrenaline junkie.

Disassociated. Often unplugged from the rest of the world, turning into the character she wants to be and needs to be at the flip of a dime. To a degree that even she can no longer tell what's real.

With that she is more than cheeky, welcoming, and awaiting for others to talk to her. Listening ears.



A traveling messenger. She's found herself following a companion to the great Teekon, and scoping out natal packs in hopes of settling in for the uncounted seasons. Nothing is more beloved to her than carrying about messages with tricky, underlying motives. The delinquent fawn's history is buried under charcoal and soot, ashes fading to the winds through each passing day.

Neighbor of Shuyet.

Server of Sahu.

Pack History
Greatwater Lake - Subordinate

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Registered on March 28, 2023, last visited (Hidden)
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Avatar, header, personality: Sprout
Biography: Twnfantasies
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