Profile of Zaahira: Quick Facts
Akashingo Jodai*
Played By: Twin
Basic Info
Full Name: Zaahira bint-Sinir
Titles: Khenemetneferhedjet (Unified with the White Crown), Fan Bearer on The Right Side of The Queen, Imy-ra Msa Overseer of the State and of the Army, Master of Secrets
Subspecies: vancouver coastal island wolf (c.l. crassodon)
Size: Medium, Muscular
Sex: Female
Gender: cis female
Pronouns: she/her
Sexuality: lesbian
Voice and Face: imaan hammam
Age: 3 (4.23.2021 ♉︎)
Birthplace: outside of teekon
At a Glance
Profile of Zaahira: Details
[Image: zaahirahfdjfghdjhgjh.png]

average in height. sleek, but bulking up with training and hearty meals; catlike, stoic. ochre pelt with a peppering of tawny and hickory browns, dancing together to form unorthodox beauty. foxy almond-shaped eyes the warm, threatening shade of wildfire. typically wears a preyskin slung over her shoulders or atop her head, and lines her eyes delicately with artificial kohl.

[Image: 83063123_X4gf5MXGqu2dtkE.png]

ENTJ: the executive 8w9: the challenger

pious, straight-laced, critical, jaded, intense. serves the line of pharaoh by absolutely any means necessary. devoted to her craft and incredibly ambitious, zaahira grows more confident by the day. her heart is soft and sweet, but buried beneath many layers of protection; recently, she has become rather lonely.

her subject and close friend, pharaoh toula. holds a fondness for eset which may forever be one-sided. distantly connected to zharille and, by extension, racharra; by blood or otherwise.

raven, who she never got the chance to love.
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Profile of Zaahira: Additional Information
Registered on April 26, 2023, last visited 1 hour ago
Art Credits
header from pexels, avatar by sprout, profile artwork by twin
Player Notes
i'm twin, a hobbyist writer and artist in my 20s living in virginia. :)

- i am good with OOC plotting as well as spontaneity! i write with a "yes and" mindset and other folks' enjoyment is always my top priority.

- my characters and writing tend to lean towards more mature or heavy topics, and as such, discretion is advised.

- i prefer to keep graphic gore/violence vague, if at all possible!

- i tend to be active during the week, and less on weekends. i am sometimes a bit sporadic, and my prioritized characters change depending on ic circumstances!
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