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Full Name: Maia Redleaf-DiSarinno
Subspecies: 25% Eastern Valley Wolf, 75% Mackenzie Valley Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 2 (March 2017)
Birthplace: South of Teekon
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She inherited Dante's ghostly silver eyes as well as his patched, but darker, silver appearance. It is intermingled with some tan as well, a throwback to an aunt she never knew. Her form is less feminine and more bulky, and she wears it awkwardly, tending to be clumsy.
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Down to earth, practical, and good-hearted. She enjoys stories of course but is not a huge fan of change and has much of the uncompromising nature of her father. It is tempered somewhat by a slight daring love of adventure that was instilled by listening to her mother's stories, and it was this that led her so far from home.

Maia is typically cheerful and loud. Her boisterous exterior hides a fairly self-conscious and self-deprecating core, though she tries to put up a front of confidence in most situations. She also has a flair for being overdramatic and a fairly large lazy streak unless faced with a task she actually wants to do.

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She remained happily with her birth pack until her first year, glad to be raised under the protective eye of her father, mother, and their small circle. Once she hit a year, however, true to her namesake, she felt her destiny and growth lay outside of the pack borders. Following in the footsteps of her siblings, she set out, curious to see where they went but sad to part from her parents.

On first arrival, she joined Terance's pack at the Sunspire. But shortly after a relocation, she left with Wraen to travel and see the world. Only after a long few months exploring did they decide to settle together in a newly founding pack, the Firebirds, led by their cousin Wildfire.
Father - Dante
Mother - Osprey
Older Siblings - Terance, Sarah, Wraen
Littermates - Cassie, Cori
Younger siblings - Janus, Jupiter, Junona
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