Profile of Chickadee: Quick Facts
Brecheliant Family
Mate to Kivaluk
Played By: ebony
Basic Info
Full Name: Sorcha "Chickadee" Blackthorn
Subspecies: wolf
Size: Small, Stocky
Sex: Female
Pronouns: she/her
Age: 0 (4.25.22)
Birthplace: Redhawk Caldera
At a Glance
Profile of Chickadee: Details
eljay's eyes. maia's peachy-beige face fuzz. and the pale grey coat once worn by osprey. classic blackthorn stripe from tip to tail.
bouncy, happy, & loud, chickadee will inherit her mother's love of stories and her father's kind nature

following the untimely, abrupt disappearance of her sister shenanigans, chickadee went to find her and discovered a harrowing scene of another wolf torn apart by a big cat. after fleeing, injuring herself, suffering a fever with general malaise, she finds she is no longer at home in brecheliant.

after running away with antigone, the two grow weak with starvation and are separated by a storm. during this time, chickadee calls herself sorcha, and it is how she introduces herself to kivaluk of moonglow, who finds her later. she asks to be taken back to moonglow, where she is accepted by aiolos and questioned curiously by kukutux. ani and chickadee had previously made a childhood pack to marry stratos together, stratos being a son of moonglow and child to aiolos and kukutux. the moonwoman decides that the spirits have led the girl back and that she will remain under the care and guidance of kivaluk, firsthunter to moonglow.

chickadee heals in moonglow, sharing a den with the firsthunter. she starts to interact more with the younger kids and regains a sense of self. antigone finds his way back, and she convinces him to join moonglow, knowing nothing of his intense feeling around her.

she goes home to visit at last, bringing kivaluk along. there she discovers she is a big sister to frolic, glee, and callahan. ceridwin is infuriated to know that she's all right but let them all worry. the sisters have a deep discussion and seem to resolve things.

chickadee splits her time between brecheliant and moonglow. one day, kivaluk asks to formally court her. she accepts, and they continue cohabitating with interest in planning a future.
may 10 - may 18:
(eyes open. vocalization: primarily whining)

may 18 - may 27
(vocalization: whining/growling/whimpering/first attempts at howling/light babbling)

may 27 - june 25
(hearing improves. vocalization: growling/whimpering/stronger howls/barks/lots of babbling; generally acquire a limited vocabulary of 200-400 words by the end of week 8 (june 28))

june 28 - dec 28
( full range of vocalization, can speak fluently by the the time they are 3 months (july 25))

dec 28 - april 25
(fully socialized/hunting/guarding/exploring further/approaching maturity)

april 25 2024
(fully mature)
husband: kivaluk
children: cardinal "sakhmet," eagle "eljay," crane "maia."
mama: maia
daddy: eljay
sibs: owl , bluejay , aiden , & ani
Pack History
Profile of Chickadee: Additional Information
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Ellie Attebery - Standing Wolf
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banner photo by mojtaba dorri ghabel on unsplash
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