Profile of Seabreeze: Quick Facts
Master Therapist
Mate to Olive, Delight
Played By: Not specified
Basic Info
Full Name: Seabreeze
Subspecies: C. l. ligoni
Sex: Female
Age: [i]Deceased.[/i] (Spring 2016)
Birthplace: Outside Teekons
At a Glance
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seabreeze's appearance was loosely modeled after una from the wolf science center
Profile of Seabreeze: Details
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general appearance

Seabreeze had long silky fur composed of a sandy blonde midtone and eyes the colour of the sky reflected on the sea. Sandy russet hues cascaded down her back and tip her ears and tail, while her underside and legs were donned with white. Cream flecked her neck and withers.

She was svelte and sylphlike with an ectomorphic body type and appeared as if she could easily be broken. Tiny and insignificant as a cough, she was as strikingly small as a wolf could possibly be.

current condition


[Image: def119ec35b448cfaf08009f4a620eef.png]

- - - - -


- - - - -


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- - - - -

Many - will update later. Namely, her wives Delight and Olive, and her many children.
Pack History

· kappa → eta → zeta → epsilon → delta → beta

· núro → cemna

> eta > delta > matron > iota

bracken sanctuary:
cipher > advocate > consultant

Profile of Seabreeze: Additional Information
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this character's thoughts, opinions, and actions do not necessarily reflect my own. feel free to tag me in anything exciting.
Seabreeze's Signature
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Player Notes

please send all inquiries to my ooc account

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about me.

Hi there! My name is Athena, I'm twenty-one years old and my biggest inspiration is David Bowie. I also do commissions. As a general rule I am an easygoing, lighthearted player who is after the most interesting plot outcomes, so please do not hesitate to reach out!

I write using unreliable narration, which means that what my characters percieve or even assert to be true both in dialogue and in internal narration may not align exactly with how things happened. I also prefer spreeing over long, drawn-out threads as the majority of my characters are in plot heavy, quick moving packs and I tend to lose interest if something has sat for too long.

One quick final note, although I am in WOLF discord, I do not use Discord to communicate. I have PMs disabled on all of my character accounts. All inquiries should be sent here.

Thank you!

player policies.

➥ IC =/= OOC & OOC > IC

What my characters do or how my characters feel should never be taken as an indication of how I feel. If my character does not like your character, it is based solely off of IC interactions. I also use unreliable narration. This means that what my characters say, think, or purport to know is filtered through their lens and may not align with how things actually happened. The narration in posts (which is often taken as OOC) may also reflect that. If you're ever concerned that things are being taken OOCly, please don't hesitate to reach out to me.

In the same vein, OOC feelings are always more important to me than an IC outcome. If something I am doing upsets you, I would prefer that you message me to work it out.

➥ availability

I am located in the Midwest and operate under Central Standard Time (CST). I am online and available to post every day and although my hours vary, they usually fall between four in the afternoon to around eleven at night during the weekdays and around eleven in the morning to midnight on weekends. I work full time and I am also a part-time student; if I am too slow in responding to something for you, please send me a PM! I prefer sprees over threads that take a long time, especially for my primary toons. My primaries get responses about every day or every other day. Secondaries may be approximately once a week, and I'll usually clear out the whole threadlog in one go. If I have a lot going on IRL, this may vary. Just poke me if I've taken too long and I'll get you a reply as soon as I can.

➥ plotting, assumptions, and powerplay

I prefer things to happen almost 100% in character and do not like for my characters to have things happen behind the scenes (without an accompanying thread). While I am open to discuss plot ideas OOCly, I do not like guaranteeing an outcome to a thread. My characters react directly to the dialogue and actions presented to them.

If we're in the same pack, you're allowed to know of my character and common knowledge surrounding my character, but please do not assume any meaningful interaction has happened behind the scenes or that your character knows intimate details of my character's life without talking to me first. I usually don't mind, but I like having the opportunity to say no.

Powerplay in non-combat threads that make a thread flow more naturally / faster are fine by me. My characters are often freely powerplayable in the background or even alongside your character even if I'm not in the thread. I'll more than likely allow my character to be your hunting partner / sparring buddy / whatever, just shoot me a PM.

➥ skipping, tagging, & archiving

Before I am skipped in any thread for any reason, I require a courtesy PM or tag!

Many of my characters make cameos in threads to maintain visibility.  I like them to be seen by packmates to aid in immersion, even if they're not doing anything meaningful. In this case, I'm okay with them being skipped to avoid holding things up!  Just shoot me a PM.

Threads that are high-conflict or are plot-heavy are considered priority threads.  If I have not responded in what you, my thread partner, deem to be a reasonable amount of time, please contact me!  I do not allow myself to be skipped in threads that drastically effect the outcome of my character's life or their relationships with other characters.

Finally, If your character thinks or talks about my character, I would love a tag!  I enjoy keeping track of how other characters feel about mine.  If you tag me to start a thread, please tag the proper character in question and not my OOC account.

I archive threads if the thread participant goes inactive, or if approximatel thirty days have passed without a reply.  If you would like to revive the thread, just post in maintenance and tag me.  I'd be happy to continue.

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