Profile of Seabreeze: Quick Facts

Basic Info
Full Name: Seabreeze
Subspecies: C. l. ligoni
Sex: Female
Age: 1+ (Spring 2016)
Birthplace: Outside Teekons
At A Glance
[Image: Seabreeze_2.png]

seabreeze's appearance is loosely modeled after jung from the wolf science center
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Profile of Seabreeze: Details
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general appearance

Seabreeze has long silky fur composed of a sandy blonde midtone and eyes the colour of the sky reflected on the sea. Sandy russet hues cascade down her back and tip her ears and tail, while her underside and legs are donned with white. Cream flecks her neck and withers.

She is svelte and sylphlike with an ectomorphic body type and appears as if she could easily be broken. Tiny and insignificant as a cough.

current condition

Slightly underweight due to stress. Has a mostly-healed scar between her eyes after a fight with Ramsay and Euron, and after running off a cougar to protect her young.

[Image: def119ec35b448cfaf08009f4a620eef.png]

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see pawprints

[Image: counselor_master.gif] [Image: caretaker_master.gif]



location: broken boulder, the brakcen woods, sunset valley, kildeer rest, bitterroot valley

Threads that involve leadership duties such as pack activities and joining threads are always top priority. In search of caregiver threads. If you'd like to thread with Seabreeze, just tag her in something. Etiam varius aliquet erat, at pretium dui iaculis vel. Nulla eget nunc hendrerit ipsum convallis vehicula sed sed lectus. Praesent a augue ligula. Maecenas massa mi, aliquam accumsan nibh rutrum, sodales ornare velit.

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art: i, ii, iii, iv, v, vi, vii

5 / 5
The wise, learned and empathetic among wolves are apt Counselors. It is very typical for Counselors to be older wolves who have collected a measure of worldly experience. Dealing with matters of heart, mind and soul, Counselors serve as mediators of conflict, confidantes for secrets, and advisors to the pack's leadership. Whether standing alongside their leaders to help them make the best decisions or aiding the troubled thoughts of their comrades, Counselors are the pack's soul.

        seabreeze attempts to relearn social boundaries
        seabreeze speaks with a packmate about his love for the stars
        seabreeze encourages a packmate
        seabreeze helps mouse navigate through his grief
        seabreeze and rannoch discuss pack morale

10 / 10
Major focus is providing mental and emotional support and advice. I personally include a character recieving support or working through their feelings, so that the counselor may pass on the wisdom later.

        seabreeze begins to open up
■​​        seabreeze helps a fellow amnesiac
■​        seabreeze tries and fails to help mou
■​        seabreeze and delight swap advice and sad stories
■​        seabreeze officially claims the counselor trade
■​        seabreeze tries to mediate a disagreement
■​        seabreeze does not listen to her gut
■​        seabreeze is really unnecessarily dramatic for no reason
■​        seabreeze works through sum shit with delight
■​        seabreeze lashes out at someone, deals with jealousy

10 / 10
Major focus is providing mental and emotional support and advice. I personally include a character recieving support or working through their feelings, so that the counselor may pass on the wisdom later.

■​        seabreeze meets another counselor and works through old wounds
■​        seabreeze gets comforted by another girl
■​        seabreeze encourages a packmate
■​        seabreeze has some big feelings with delight
■​        seabreeze expresses concern for rannoch's safety
■​        seabreeze arranges a big counselor get-together
■​        seabreeze meets and counsels terance
■​        seabreeze validates terance's feelings
■​        seabreeze and delight — big surprise — have more feelings
■​        seabreeze inquires about a packmate's wellbeing
■​        seabreeze contemplates suicide
■​        seabreeze prevents a fight by leaving
■​        seabreeze faces her anxiety and owns up to a mistake
■​        seabreeze owns up to her mistakes
■​        seabreeze and terance work through their feelings after an argument
■​        seabreeze helps a packmate feel more at home
■​        seabreeze encourages terance to talk to wraen
■​        seabreeze and terance navigate through labeling their relationship
■​        seabreeze wallows in mutual embarrassment with goldy
■​        seabreeze tries really hard to help nevouku deal

[Image: a9f20463263856a746fc154cf2d0ed7b.png]
Pack History
Her sister, Olive, her best friend, Delight, and her two children, Okeanos and Ibis.

         · kappa → eta → zeta → epsilon → delta → beta

         · núro → cemna

> eta > delta > matron > iota

bracken sanctuary:
cipher > advocate > consultant

Profile of Seabreeze: Additional Information
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this character's thoughts, opinions, and actions do not necessarily reflect my own. feel free to tag me in anything exciting.
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