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Tradesman II

Mate to Colt

Basic Info
Full Name: Niamh Blackthorn (Nee DeMonte-Argyle)
Subspecies: Grey wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 2 years old (March 28, 2017)
Birthplace: Firefly Falls
At A Glance
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Very tall, leggy blonde with honey eyes and a cheeky expression. Missing her upper left canine, so the lower one sometimes pokes out over her upper lip. Very noticeable claw marks from a cougar around her left eye.

Niamh is pronounced "NEE-iv," sometimes shortened to "Neev" by family or by herself. She pronounces it either way, depending on how formally or hastily she introduces herself, and responds to both.
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Profile of Niamh: Details

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Slim and lissome, this blonde beauty is quite a sight. Sporting a trim, athletic build, she is fit for speed and agility, with long, deer-like legs which give her an impressive height for a female wolf. Her coat is very light in shade, with a base coat of creamy beige that darkens to caramel along her back, particularly nearing her shoulders. Her eyes are a the soft shade of warm honey.

Distinctive markings: Four claw mark scars around her left eye from a cougar, and she is missing her upper left canine. Sometimes the lower one pokes out over her upper lip, giving her a sort of snaggle-toothed appearance. She's self-conscious about it, and doesn't often let it happen, though.

FC: Emily Hampshire

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5 Defining characteristics:
- Outgoing
- Ambitious
- Fickle
- Impulsive
- Charming

Niamh is a precocious, out-spoken, quick-to-act wolf whose behaviour changes quite easily based on her environment. She is easily malleable, and quite mercurial- but fortunately for her (and the rest of the world) living in a peaceful pack has made her into a much calmer, kinder wolf. She is task-oriented, and excels at hunting, patrolling and fighting.

She is not exceptional, however, when it comes to communication, and can be quick to react emotionally. It is hard for her to temper her emotions, and can hold grudges for quite some time, over silly things. She isn't terribly motherly, and while she is capable of empathy, she has a tendency to be short-sighted and selfish. She's improved, after making some very vital mistakes in the first year and a half of her life- but she has a lot to learn yet.
Born alongside her brother, Ambrose to a large family of close-knit wolves, though many had already flown the coop by age 1 due to wanderlust. Was exceptionally keen to learn how to hunt, and was a quick learner due to her thirst for knowledge and bright nature. Ambitious but perhaps without proper restraint, she and her brother learned all they could, as fast as they could, from their parents before they left the pack at 10 months. At 11 months, Ambrose found and joined a pack, but Niamh continued on her own.

She joined the Redhawks after coming to the Wilds and weathered an extremely rough year. One of her closest friends (Titmouse) betrayed the pack, and caused some psychological trauma to Niamh in the process of doing so, causing her to become more sensitive, paranoid and anxious when faced with abandonment or head trauma. She formed a relationship with Colt and eventually became his mate, and established a profound friendship with Towhee, and was promoted to beta of the pack- but all of this would be but the high point of an otherwise tumultuous year. Her littermate, Ambrose, showed up and joined the pack- but would disappear shortly thereafter, presumably killed by a cougar. She later reunited with him- though he had no memory of who he'd been before, and had changed his name to Firefly.

When a Blackfeather wolf showed up on the borders, her life would swiftly be sent into a spiral; Towhee attempted to attack the wolf and Colt defended her, giving Towhee a concussion in the process. Triggered, Niamh banished Colt from the pack, but by the time Quixote showed up, she was such a mess that she ran off in search of him. Upon her return, she was schooled soundly by Quixote who demoted her for the sake of her own mental and emotional well-being, as well as the safety of the pack. She would find out only days later that her older brother, Bruges, had been killed by a cougar.

Miserable, having lost her brother and terminated her mateship with Colt, Niamh moped for some time, with Towhee and Phox providing good support for her. Eventually, though, she would go out in search of Colt, having realized how much he really meant to her- and how wrong she'd been to send him away. He gave her an ultimatum- he would consider taking her back if she moved to the Firebirds with him and changed her ways. She immediately agreed- but when she broke the news to Towhee, her friend lashed out at her and cast her out. After having a meaningful conversation with Quixote, she finally started gaining some respect for him, and left on good terms to join the sister pack.

Wildfire allowed her to join, and she went straight to work doing her best to prove herself- both to Wildfire and to Colt...Especially to Colt. Over time, the two reconciled, though Niamh had known right away that she wanted to be with him for the rest of her life. Eventually, the two would be given permission to breed, and shortly before giving birth, they became mates again.

May of 2019 would bring a great deal of change. On the 20th, she gave birth to two healthy pups, Bronco and Nellie. But shortly thereafter, Wildfire succumbed to a short-lived, but terminal disease, leaving the pack without a leader...Until Colt stepped up as Sovereign. The pack would do everything to hold themselves together.

Shortly thereafter, a visit from Towhee and later a visit from Phox would inform Niamh that the two- along with their two children- would leave the Redhawks to start their own pack called Asterism Grove, and that the Redhawks had also relocated and changed their name to the Frosthawks. The three packs would remain as sister-packs, though, allied with one another.
Pack History
Great-Grandparents: Bragi and Grace DeMonte
Grandparents: Berlioz and Lostelle DeMonte
Parents: Beau DeMonte and Eclair Argyle
Siblings: Ambrose (2017); Bruges and Fey (2016); Brego, Boston, Portia and Sagacity (2015); Spine, Smith, Lupin and Lily (2014).
Mate: Colt Blackthorn
Children: Bronco and Nellie

Birth pack: Firefly Falls
- Puppy -> Adolescent
Lone wolf
- Adolescent -> 1 year, 1 month.
- Would progress through the ranks to Beta, before being demoted. Stayed with the Redhawks until January of 2019.
-January 2019-present. Would progress to the rank of Tradesman II.
Profile of Niamh: Additional Information

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