Profile of Niamh: Quick Facts

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Basic Info
Full Name: Niamh DeMonte-Argyle Blackthorn
Subspecies: Grey wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 1 year (March 28, 2017)
Birthplace: Firefly Falls
At A Glance
[Image: jsm6ad.png]

Very tall, leggy blonde with honey eyes and a cheeky expression. Missing her upper left canine, so the lower one sometimes pokes out over her upper lip. Very noticeable clawmarks from a cougar around her left eye.

Niamh is pronounced "NEE-iv," sometimes shortened to "Neev" by family or by herself. She pronounces it either way, depending on how formally or hastily she introduces herself, and responds to both.
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Profile of Niamh: Details
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Slim and lissome, this blonde beauty is quite a sight. Sporting a trim, athletic build, she is fit for speed and agility, with long, deerlike legs which give her an impressive height for a female wolf. Her coat is very light in shade, with a base coat of creamy beige that darkens to caramel along her back, particularly nearing her shoulders. Her eyes are a the soft shade of warm honey.

She is missing her upper left canine, after trying to pull Towhee up from a cliffside ledge, so the lower one occasionally sticks out over her upper lip a bit. She currently speaks with a bit of a speech impediment, as the tooth’s socket is still quite painful to touch.
Niamh is an adventurous young wolf, perhaps a bit too naive to be out on her own, but wouldn't exactly listen to reason and gave into seemingly hereditary wanderlust at a young age, alongside her equally ambitious brother, Ambrose. Niamh is personable and charming, though she sometimes forgets her manners; a sign that she has yet to mature fully.

Her moods are prone to swift changes; she can be somewhat fickle, and can go from content to angry to upset in a heartbeat- fortunately, it doesn't take that much to distract her from her woes, as her attention can leap from one thought to another in an instant, changing her mood completely.

...This is all likely just because she is immature and trying to figure the world out, after having left her birth pack a bit prematurely.
Born alongside her brother, Ambrose to a large family of close-knit wolves, though many had already flown the coop by age 1 due to wanderlust. Was exceptionally keen to learn how to hunt, and was a quick learner due to her thirst for knowledge and bright nature. Ambitious but perhaps without proper restraint, she and her brother learned all they could, as fast as they could, from their parents before they left the pack at 10 months. At 11 months, Ambrose found and joined a pack, but Niamh continued on her own.
Parents: Beau DeMonte and Eclair Argyle
Siblings: Ambrose (littermate).
Older siblings:
1 year older: Bruges and Fey.
2 years older: Brego, Boston, Portia and Sagacity
3 years older: Spine, Smith, Lupin and Lily
Grandparents: Berlioz and Lostelle DeMonte
Great-Grandparents: Bragi and Grace DeMonte
Mate: Colt Blackthorn
Profile of Niamh: Additional Information
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