Profile of RIP Niamh: Quick Facts
RIP Niamh
Master Guardian
Mate to Phox
Played By: Jess
Basic Info
Full Name: Niamh Eclair
Subspecies: Grey wolf
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/her
Age: 3 years old (March 28, 2017)
Birthplace: Firefly Falls
At a Glance
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Profile of RIP Niamh: Details
This Character is deceased.

March 28, 2017- April 5, 2018
Niamh was born alongside her brother, Ambrose, into a large, close-knit pack of wolves founded by her father, Beau, and his two brothers. With their mates alongside them, as well as several other friends, the pack was maintained generally by one generation of wolves, as the children born into the pack tended to wander off on their own as soon as they became adults. Niamh and Ambrose were no different, and after a fairly routine and uneventful childhood, they left shortly before their first birthday.

Ambitious but perhaps without proper restraint, and mildly ill-equipped to survive on their own, Niamh and Ambrose spent a few months together before Ambrose decided to team up with a few other wandering yearlings and lay claim to a territory. Niamh, possessed by a more keen sense of independence, decided to leave the band of ruffians behind, and travel on her own.

April 5, 2018 - January 14, 2019.

She joined the Redhawks after coming to the Wilds and weathered an extremely rough year. One of her closest friends (Titmouse/Screech/Mou) betrayed the pack and attacked the alpha, which caused Niamh to experience psychological trauma, making her more sensitive, paranoid and anxious when faced with abandonment, betrayal or head trauma. In spite of this, she established a profound friendship with Towhee, who would gain her ultimate loyalty, and also formed a relationship with Colt Blackthorn, eventually becoming his mate. Niamh would also become a dedicated mercenary and hunter over the course of the year.

But the end of her time with the Redhawks would come when a Blackfeather wolf came to the borders- claiming that Screech was still alive- and when Colt argued that they should spare the wolf's life, Niamh's PTSD was triggered, causing her to turn on him and banish him from the pack. At the time, a few of the Redhawks had left to found the Firebirds- with hopes of leading a more peaceful life, and Colt would go to join them. After seeing her error, Niamh made amends with Colt even though it would completely jeopardize her friendship with Towhee- and moved to join the Firebirds.

January 14, 2019- October 31, 2020

Having mended her relationship with Colt, Niamh attempted to pursue a gentler, calmer life with the Firebirds, and would give birth on May 4th to two pups- Bronco and Nellie. With time, her friendship with Towhee would become mended and her relationship with both Towhee and her brother Phox would begin to grow again. But in July, after returning from a short mother-son trip with Bronco, Niamh returned to find Colt mortally wounded by a former packmate, leading to his death on August 21st.

The months following Colt's death were hard on Niamh. Bronco was an unruly little boy and an angsty teen, and Nellie disappeared at the beginning of October. Several terrible, natural phenomenons caused damage and change to the valley, blocking Towhee, Phox and their pack inside Asterism Grove, though they would eventually escape, and come to join the Firebirds. Eventually, Nellie returned and admitted that she had been living with the Frosthawks- which inevitably created a multitude of mixed feelings within Niamh.

November 1, 2020- March 17, 2021.


Parents: Beau DeMonte and Eclair Argyle
Littermate: Ambrose "Firefly"
Siblings: Bruges, many others not in-game.
Former Mate: Colt Blackthorn
Children with Colt: Bronco Blackthorn and Nellie Blackthorn Née May 4, 2019
Ex-mate: Phox Redhawk
Children with Phox:
Quetzal, Alyx, and Primrose Née April 4, 2020
Vesper, Peregrine and XXX, Née March 25, 2021 and raised by Mou and Maegi Blackfeather.
Co-parented child: Meerkat Redhawk-Blackthorn via Towhee

Alive | Unknown/off-game | Deceased

Pack History
Birth pack: Firefly Falls
Puppy -> Adolescent
Lone wolf Adolescent -> 1 year, 1 month
Redhawks:April 5, 2018- January 4, 2019. Highest title was Beta.
Firebirds:January 4, 2019-2020, Highest title is Tradesman I.
Redhawk Caldera: 2020- March 16 2021, highest rank of Regent.
Lone Wolf: March 16-25, 2021.
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