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Mate to Wildfire
Basic Info
Full Name: Thuringwethil Drakru
Subspecies: Mackenzie Valley
Sex: Female
Age: 4 (June 28, 2014)
Birthplace: Seageda
At A Glance
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Profile of Thuringwethil: Details

Artwork by Java & Starr
An impressive sight to witness, Thuringwethil stands tall and averages a weight of a hundred and fifty pounds. Having been trained in the art of fighting from a very young age, she has a large frame that’s able to generate a lot of force. She still has a feminine build and her black fur causes her to appear more sleek than she is, with a reddish glint in the sunlight and darkened, slate colored eyes that harbor a hardened emptiness when looking down upon another. A faint mask of darker fur surrounds her eyes, amplifying the intensity of her eyes. In addition, she has a handful of carefully placed kill marked scars on her left shoulder, as well as a few on the rest of her body mostly hidden by fur.
A childhood set apart from others, Thuringwethil grew up behind three other fos goufas of Seageda. Taken from their birth parents very early on so that their education and training could begin, their lives were very much routine from sunup to sundown: steeped in Seageda’s history and customs and rigorous physical training, preparing to become the next commander, never acknowledging failure would be their death.

She was eight months old when the commander was killed in battle; and when the trials, the beginning Sadgeda began, the older three fos goufas paid her little mind due to her age. They turned upon each other and had all but eliminated one another when the sole survivor set his sights on Thuringwethil. Their collective ignorance became his folly. With more wounds than he was aware of pitted against the youngest fos goufa’s skill and advancement in training, he crumbled. She overpowered him, using his weakness to her advantage and taking his life. The victor, and youngest to surpass the conclave, Thuringwethil was crowned Heda after surviving the night.

It was a rough start with her taking command, and a decision that got a few killed or maimed was all it took for some wolves to immediately make the decision to break through their accomplishments. Eventually, peace was brought between the neighboring packs; Maungeda was pulled into their coalition alongside Trigeda. It wasn’t enough to satisfy the early skeptics, and the cracks moved up through Seageda until the formers spoke to Thuringwethil in dreams to dissolve and shed the corruption from their land.

With only the spirit of her successors to guide her, she made her way south to the Teekon Wilds to begin reclaiming what later became Drageda.
Pack History
Mate: Wildfire
Artaax, Blixen, Robin (Wildfire x Dio, 2017)
Kiwi, Rorqual, Silkie, Tux (Wildfire x Étoille, 2018)
Second: Ephraim
Guard: Vercingetorix

Visual Family Tree
Thuringwethil does not know or acknowledge
familial relations except those listed here.
Alive. Deceased. Active.
SEAGEDA — 06/28/14 - 11/15/15
DRAGEDA — 01/22/16 - 09/09/18
TRIGEDA — 09/17/18 - 10/26/18
DRAGEDA — ??/??/?? -

Lone wolf status for unaccounted dates
Profile of Thuringwethil: Additional Information

Vercingetorix and Ephraim can be assumed near Thuringwethil the vast majority of the time and welcome in any thread I started.

I write in third person limited. Only what my character knows or thinks is described and may not be a 100% accurate reflection of actual events. If there’s any confusion, please feel free to PM me for an explanation!
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