Profile of Colt: Quick Facts

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Basic Info
Full Name: Tiarnach "Colt" Blackthorn
Subspecies: Northern Rocky Mountains Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 6 (June 20th, 2012)
Birthplace: Montana, USA
At A Glance
Brown wolf with a black spine and molten, orange eyes.

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Profile of Colt: Details

Well-built, medium height, swathed in tawny and ocher with the typical Blackthorn spine - a thick band of pitch trailing from the back of his head down towards the tip of his tail. His eyes are the color of hot bourbon.

[Image: lFgZtxM.png]
A well-meaning douchebag that's often more douchebag than well-meaning. He has a sharp tongue and a very impressive god-complex that can get him into trouble at times, but thankfully does not extend to a problem with authority. He is a wolf that knows how to survive first and foremost and how to enjoy himself in the meantime.

As he's gotten older, Colt's gained a slight cynicism as well as a slightly slower mouth. He still doesn't have many reservations against giving an opinion and can still make an ass of himself, but he might think ahead a step or two nowadays.

ESTP-A, the Entrepreneur

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As a child, he was Finley's partner in crime, favorite brother and best friend. When they grew older and departed their home pack, they did so together until a falling out resulted in both their estrangement and a deep resentment for one another.

After this, Colt went awol for years, hitting rock bottom before finally resurfacing to return to his wandering ways alone. He traipsed across the wilds, having numerous flings, and living the lackadaisical life of a lone wolf and general casanova.

This changed when he met Nell, and for the first time, Colt settled down. It wasn't meant to be, though... less than a year into their mateship, she passed due to illness, and Colt was forced into the life of a lone wolf once more.

He decided to return and resolve things with Finley, a choice that led him to settle in Redhawk Caldera with her and her family. He followed them through wars and subsequent moves, and though it has been rocky, remains in the Redhawk ranks.

After a time he took Niamh as his mate, but due to a falling out, broke things off not too long after. She'd already kicked him out of the pack, and he left without argument, returning only to say farewell to his sister and Quixote.
Mother: Eithne Blackthorn
Father: Cathal Blackthorn
Littermates: Caoilfhionn, Finley, Suibhne, Maolรกn
Older Siblings: Muirren "Spine", Caoimhe, Conall, Deaglรกn, Sloane "Turquoise"

Ex Mate: Nell
Mate: Niamh
Kids: Nellie, Bronco
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