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Mate to Maegi

Basic Info
Full Name: Mou the Ghost
Subspecies: Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 2+ (January 1st 2017)
Birthplace: Redhawk Caldera, Teekon Wilds
At A Glance
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Profile of Titmouse: Details

"Just remember happiness—"

Mou has a silver-white coat accented by natural orange "pit stains" curving along his ribs, and wears a permanent black mask. His right eye was removed at one point and so that side of his face boasts some scars. His throat was ripped out at one point, leading to his voice box being damaged; this has recently been treated but he remains voiceless. Most notably, he now sports a black leather collar around his neck with a small tracker (housed in plastic) settled between his shoulders. He has some scarring to his ribs (cougar).
A silent spectre, an observer. He's very sweet when given the chance, but is full of subconscious anxieties that can make him appear flighty, erratic, or outright morbid to individuals that do not know of his history. Mou is deeply attached to a select few people, and justifiably terrified of a specific selection of others. Depending on how he's received by the strangers he meets, he'll sort your character in to one of two categories: friend - in which case he might bring them gifts - or demon - and these he avoids.

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"It's not some sack of Polaroids."

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He was once a vivacious boy who could fly off the handle, being boisterous and obnoxious to the extreme, making friends with people who could tolerate him (which didn't often last). Mou encountered Cassiopeia of Blackfeather Woods and came away from the experience with a broken leg, which they tended to as he was held prisoner.

After being returned to his family and mending he came upon Moonspear (flexing his limb post-recovery) and witnessed the sudden, inexplicable death of one of their daughters. The wolves of Moonspear blamed him for the death of Galaxy, and so the Cerberus hunted him down and sought retribution - they tore out his eye, claimed his first born child should he ever have one, and banished him from the region.

During the next year he would travel extensively, meeting rogues, tempting fate, until discovering Heron Lake Plateau. It was here that he tried to form a pack of his own - some place that miscreants could find safe harbour, following his own rules. His family arrived just as he was completing his mission and the Redhawks demanded he step aside for their own relocation, as they too eyed the plateau. He gave up eventually and lived among them.

During his stay Mou was struck on the head during a fluke hunting accident and was left comatose for a long (and very dangerous) time. When he awoke he wasn't entirely coherent, leading to further mistakes. While his brain mended his body appeared to move on its own volition, locked in a feral state. It came to light that he had attacked his older sister Raven at this time, and so he was sentenced to death. Towhee and Niamh fought with him and he was left with his throat torn out, his body tossed over the cliffs in to the sea. He should have died — but fate had other plans, placing him on the banks of Undersea on the nearby islands.

Here, he met his future wife Maegi, recovered with her help, and together they made their way back to the valley of his banishment to recreate Blackfeather Woods.
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