Profile of Harka: Quick Facts
Mate to Maegi
Played By: Talamasca
Basic Info
Full Name: Mou / Harka
AKA: Ouija
Subspecies: Wolf
Size: Large, Thin
Sex: Male
Gender: Male
Age: 5 (January 1st 2017)
Birthplace: Redhawk Caldera, Teekon Wilds
At a Glance
[Image: IncomparableSourBantamrooster-size_restricted.gif]
Profile of Harka: Details

Mou Blackfeather( 34" tall · 120lbs )

Mou has a silver-white coat accented by natural orange "pit stains" curving along his ribs, and wears a permanent black mask.
His right eye was removed at one point and so that side of his face boasts some scars. His throat was ripped out at one point, leading to his voice box being damaged; he would have remained mute forever if he had not been abducted by humans a second time and treated outside of the Wilds.
The fur around his neck is missing, mostly from the wound there, but also due to years of wearing a tracking collar (which is now gone). He has deep lacerations to his hindquarters, legs, and tail from a discarded fishing net which recently caught and tangled him.

Wife: Maegi Blackfeather nee Melonii
Children: Hypnos, Miseria, Blueberry
Adoptive: Sakhmet, Anansi, Sobek (Ramsay x Parvati) Peregrine, Prevost, Vesper (Phox x Niamh)

*believes Maegi is dead and her body is possessed.
**believes vesper and blueberry are his only real (and living) children.

[Image: h3A1M0E.png]
Profile of Harka: Additional Information
Registered on December 15, 2016, last visited February 14, 2022, 07:23 PM
Player Notes
Spooky Scavenger 2017 Winner.
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