Profile of Lyra: Quick Facts
Played By: Laur
Basic Info
Full Name: Lyra Ostrega
Subspecies: Mixed
Sex: Female
Age: 4 years (18 August, 2016)
Birthplace: Moonspear
At a Glance
[Image: IoQyQVx.png]
Profile of Lyra: Details
Lithe and spry, Lyra is an average-sized woman with long legs ending in deft paws. Small, constantly pricked ears top a sharp face that has become hardened and impassive with age. Her fur is a pitch black, interrupted only by the deep blue of her eyes. Being a triplet, it is near impossible to tell her apart from her two sisters, Alya and Hydra, even with the self-inflicted notch midway down her right ear that mirrors the exact wound her sisters have.
Parents · Charon x Amekaze
Littermates · Korei Julia, Alya, Hydra
Siblings (2017) · Vela, Galaxy, Ran, Jarilo
Siblings (2018) · Arcturus, Yami, Yama, Revui
Niblings (2019) · Antares, Atlas, Osiris, Vega
Niblings (2020) · Altair, Caelum, Mira, Mintaka, Sialuk, Saviguk, Astyanax, Glaucos
Pack History
MOONSPEAR (18 Aug, 2016 — current)
Profile of Lyra: Additional Information
Player Notes
If you see any names attached to this account that you would like to claim for your own character, feel free to send me a PM! :)
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