Profile of Shardik: Quick Facts
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Basic Info
Full Name: SHARDIK
Subspecies: Grizzly Bear (coastal)
Sex: Male
Age: 12 (2008)
Birthplace: Belkan Empire
At a Glance
[Image: nov2017_a04_grizzlies.jpg]
Profile of Shardik: Details
[Image: 6GbipQh.png]

a half-ton animus, lording over both wolves and men. at first glance one might think him some berserk creation set loose from hell-scorched phlegethon - for his image conjures impressions of nameless demons of some primordial order, hidden deep in undisturbed pools of black.

and yet, as diabolic or daedric as his presence appears, shardik is made of mortal clay. he walks with a powerful assurance, as if he were thanatos given reign of this mortal sphere. every part of the brute is fashioned for culling; five inch claws, three inch fangs; he uses his weapons well and they glitter with all the sinister aspect of a black blade of ruin.

he is not easily spotted in woodlands despite his immensity; for his fur is the honeyed color of leaf-litter, and his tree-trunk limbs are countershaded a dark sorrel. a razorbacked bastion of blonde douses his backside, trailing to honey-gold along his flanks. his china-doll eyes are black and as cold as the distance between stars; two hostile, staring voids in which all vehemence springs.

Pack History
wolves destroyed or mauled

INGRAM - June 2018 (click for thread)
ROSALYN - July 2018 (click for thread)
RANNOCH - November 2018 (click for thread)
COELHO - November 2018 (click for thread)

packs destroyed

GRIMNISMAL - June 2018 (click for thread)
IRONSEA - August 2018 (click for thread)

Profile of Shardik: Additional Information
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