Profile of Bronco: Quick Facts
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Basic Info
Full Name: Bronco Blackthorn
Subspecies: Grey wolf X Northern Rocky Mountains Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 1.5 years (May 20, 2019)
Birthplace: Sun Mote Copse
At A Glance
Robust and sturdy, built like a brick. Dark brown coat, even darker dorsal stripe, though he fades to a light shade of goldish beige along his legs and underside. He has warm, whiskey coloured eyes.

Multiple facial scars. Two parallel scars from canine teeth run across the bridge of his muzzle, four run from his crown to his brow from a cougar's claws, and a few other small, less noticeable scars around his jaw and lips. He is missing the majority of his left ear.
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Profile of Bronco: Details


Bronco is very much a replica of his father, Colt. He has a lovely, dense coat composed of rich, earthy tones and highlights of ochre when in direct sunlight. Like most, his markings darken on a gradient from his feet to his spine, fading from a dusty golden-beige along his underside and legs to a warm chocolate which coats his sides and darkens to a toneless black along his spine. Like most others in the Blackthorn family, he too sports a dorsal stripe which begins at a point above and between his eyes and trails down his spine to the tip of his brushlike tail.

His eyes are the shade of hot bourbon. He has two scars across the bridge of his muzzle, from Dragomir.
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In adolescence, Bronco had grown to surpass his expected physical bench-markers, but has not yet filled out the frame which promises a great deal of potential, if size were to be envied. At a glance, he appears big-boned with long, thick legs and and broad shoulders, but his frame makes him appear slightly short in the torso, given the fact he has inherited his father's body type- but also his mother's long legs. He has yet to build the musculature which will lend him strength and soften the angles of his joints, but his winter coat lends him some support, and in the spring he will likely shed out to reveal the toned muscles of an active wolf undergoing strength training.

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Positive Qualities


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Despite having a very eventful first year of life, Bronco has matured (at least somewhat) into a surprisingly level-headed young man. Having gone through the experience of losing his father, and experiencing loss several times throughout the first year of his life, Bronco has learned to empathize and has learned to approach life with optimism and an open, caring mind, given life's frailty. He pours himself into being an honest and useful member of the pack.

At the same time, he still has flaws, though he attempts to keep them hidden as much as possible. He still has a bit of the temper he had as a child- though he has discovered that he lacks the gumption to severely injure or kill another wolf. He holds grudges, passes judgement quickly, and is not quick to forgive.

Negative Qualities

Holds grudges
Easily embarrassed

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May 20, 2019: Born.
July 2-31: travelling the wilds with his mother as a mother-son bonding activity
August: Colt dies, leaving him without a father.
Pack History
Father: Colt Blackthorn
Mother: Niamh DeMonte-Argyle Redhawk-Blackthorn
Littermate: Nellie Blackthorn
Half-siblings: Quetzal, Alyx and Primrose sired by Phox
NOTE: He refers to Towhee as his aunt, but he considers Meerkat to be another younger sister.
May 20, 2019 - present: Firebirds
Profile of Bronco: Additional Information
- For spars/fights Bronco receives a +3 buff, due to his guardian specialty.
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