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Basic Info
Full Name: Bronco Blackthorn
Subspecies: Grey wolf X Northern Rocky Mountains Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 6 months (May 20, 2019)
Birthplace: Sun Mote Copse
At A Glance
Robust and sturdy, with thick legs and large paws, a square build promising strength to him as he grows older. In very good shape, and more muscular than most pups his age due to travelling with his mother for a month. Built like a brick. Dark brown coat, even darker dorsal stripe, though he fades to a light shade of goldish beige along his legs and underside. He has warm, whiskey coloured eyes.
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Profile of Bronco: Details
A miniature version of his father, with a coat comprised of primarily dark browns and beiges, darker along his spine (gotta have that Blackthorn dorsal stripe <3 ) and with gold tones to his beige underside. A fairly robust young lad, thick-boned with the promise of growing into a fairly good-sized wolf. His eyes are the shade of warm whiskey.
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Currently fairly distant and quick to anger, and has issues with authority- especially with his mother. With other pups, he is playful and loves to rough-house, and likes to think he's a ringleader.
May 20, 2019: Born.
July 2-31: travelling the wilds with his mother as a mother-son bonding activity
August: Colt dies, leaving him without a father.
Pack History
Father: Colt Blackthorn
Mother: Niamh DeMonte-Argyle Blackthorn
Sister: Nellie Blackthorn
May 20, 2019: Born
May 31: Eyes open
June 3 on: teething, beginning to walk, albeit wobbly. Mostly crawling. Limited to den.
June 5-July 1: Babbling incoherently, slow moving, a bit better on his feet, limited to den and immediately outside den with supervision. Can eat some regurgitated meat.
July 2-20: Ears perked, some words, basic sentences, socialization, short trips with parents. Weaning starts.
July 22: Old enough to go to rendezvous site.
July-December: Develops full vocabulary, is a Juvenile, eyes will have changed between July 15-29, can accompany pack on hunts but stay out of the way, begins small hunting tasks.
December-May: Adolescent. Should learn about heirarchy, rules, respect, socialization, roles, behavioral displays, hunting, etc.
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