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It was quiet late, and the darkness probably lulled most of the wolves asleep by now. Ignis found it difficult to sleep at the moment with the thought of being in an entirely new home, but he was sure getting there -- heavy eye-lids, stray yawns and all -- Āzon was bound to go lights out soon. A few minutes of walking would eventually lead the pale brute towards Firefly Glen's borders, where he'd sit and stare blankly at the ground as if attempting night duty would make the impending exhaustion go away.

Keres had left moonspear recently to join with Āzon, and he briefly wondered if the silver woman was still awake this late. A little company while looking after the borders (half-asleep) didn't sound so bad...
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Rather than choosing to be a sedentary guard holding down the fort at one location, Bronco found it easier to patrol during the midnight hours if he kept moving. Generally, things were fairly straightforward- he moved along, reinforced scent markings and took note of the wolves who had come to the pack or who had left it. The borders along the foothills were the easiest to patrol, given the fact that they stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the wolves of Moonspear. He could smell that Desdemona had been by not long ago- but that was no surprise. She was one of Moonspear's most dedicated guardians. 

But he was surprised to catch a familiar scent which made him do a double take. He'd wandered a bit in-land when he'd caught a rabbit's scent, but was distracted by the trail left behind by none other than Āzon. He was sure of it. After all, the two had sparred, so he felt fairly certain he recognized the other male's scent, given how close they'd gotten the last time he'd seen him. So, he found himself tracing the former loner's scent back toward the borders until he caught sight of the pale figure in the distance, posted as a guardian in the night. 

It was good news; at least one of the wolves Bronco met on his relatively few excursions outside the pack had found their way to come join his pack. That had been months ago, though- so he was even happier to see that Āzon had found his way to a home. So he approached with a casual wave to his tail, though he kept it curled over his haunches, more in jest than anything, as he called out. "Jeez. Osiris must really be lowering his standards if he's letting shit-lickers like you into the pack."