Profile of Zsuzsa: Quick Facts
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Basic Info
Full Name: Zsuzsa Zeitoun (ZHOO-zhaw)
Subspecies: 100% Mackenzie River Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 3 (10/31/2017)
Birthplace: Or'arde Weald, Outside Teekon Wilds
At a Glance
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Still from LACUNA COIL—End of Time
Profile of Zsuzsa: Details

92cm (36 inches) tall at shoulder
2.1cm (7 feet) long
54kg (120lbs) weight
Max weight at peak health is 63kg, 140lbs
Travel stamina up to 48km (30 miles) in one day
A plain beauty rarely concerned with her appearance. Her raven fur glistens with a silvery-white sheen in the sunlight, otherwise it matches the jet-black darkness of the nightfall. A slender wolf with not much bulk in strength but relatively strong for her medium build as a Mackenzie. Her strength does not add up to a larger variety of wolves but benefits tremendously from agility, speed, and nimble paws. Her range of motion is graceful and ethereal, fluid beyond most. Her gaze is an intense silver, hard as steel. She has something of an androgynous structure in her facial appearance, giving it a fierce wildness, yet is strikingly beautiful all the same. White scars beneath her fur adorn her skin, although are merely invisible. Her voice has a lilt of an accent from her native language of the Weald, which derives a similar dialect from Italian but a largely dead and unknown language to the rest of the world. She rarely, if ever, speaks in her native tongue.
Voice (based off Cristina Scabbia)
Amiable, patient, quiet. For her, loneliness matters. Solitude is a beautiful thing and considers "essential" for her self-care. She has tremendous emotions inside her heart but clearly divides the line between duty and personal life, never allowing either to cloud the judgement of the other. As a lush mixture of ambition and passion, depth and darkness, she embraces her feminine and masculine tendencies unapologetically. Contrary to her kind disposition, she has a cold ability to turn without regret. Although she is loyal and devout to those authentic and sincere, friends can always become enemies in her eyes. She may willingly and without hesitation lash out should she become betrayed or wronged. She exuberates a reserved regality that portrays she is assertive in the face of disrespect or foul play. Valuing trust and honesty, she expects others to be the same, which typically leads to disappointment in social situations; hence, her preference for solitude.

+ Brave, Faithful, Passionate, Loyal
- Dominating, Possessive, Revengeful, Secretive
Element · Water
Sun Sign · Scorpio
Theme Song · Apocalyptica—Catharsis
Zsuzsa was a product of forced conception. Her father, a high-ranked pack member of the Weald, coercively took advantage of her mother who had been a lone wolf teetering on the outskirts of Or’arde Weald that had not sworn allegiance to any pack and her history of such is unknown. Browbeaten to become a Weald, Moraine had been subject to constant disciplinary action as a subordinate even when carrying to term. From the consistent physical abuse endured, two pups were stillborn with Zsuzsa as the sole survivor of the litter. Her father's treatment eased up on her mother briefly to ensure Zsuzsa did not succumb to the fate of her siblings but returned soon after once she began to mature.
Her mother was only a central figure of raising her at the bare minimum (providing necessary nourishment and grooming) until she reached her first year. When she reached her first year, her father stepped in to raise her for the following short years thereafter. His main concern was passing on his bloodline and Moraine was disposed of once she reached six years (the Weald left the lowly subordinate to freeze to death at the bottom of a gorge she descended down from slipping on ice)
Fearing what her father was capable of although he was rather doting in nature toward her and his efforts to groom her into the vision he saw of her, Zsuzsa fled from the lands she was raised. This obviously caused great disappointment and rage in her father considering she was the sole carrier of his bloodline. Osin set a search party to join him in retrieving her, although she escaped far enough to evade them. Her journey led her to a pack known as Etrusca who was at war with a neighboring territory. Not having anywhere else to go, she joined the ranks of Etrusca whenever a flare-up happened. It was a trade of warring, killing, and training in exchange for temporary protection and food. When the battles were done, she would retreat unnoticed, determined to remain disconnected from getting too settled. Zsuzsa had one primary goal, and it was to become a warrior so one day she would no longer need to fear her father if he or his scouts caught up to her.
After several months of training and learning the ways of the Etruscans, Zsuzsa grew nervous as she caught sight of Weald scout wolves dangerously close to the Etruscan outskirts. Knowing she could not make a permanent home here, she once again fled, leading her in the direction of the Teekon Wilds to find a new refuge.
Immediate Family
ParentsMoraine () & Osin ()
Siblings — Two stillborn ( & )
Pack History
Or'arde Weald — 10.31.17—02.17.19
Lone Wolf — 02.17.19—Present
Etrusca — 03.20.19—06.07.20 (as freelance warrior)
Saints of the Dying Light — 11.26.20—01.24.21
Redhawk Caldera — 01.24.21—Present
Profile of Zsuzsa: Additional Information
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NPC—Common Raven (Corvus corax)
There is a Raven that follows Zsuzsa since she left Or'arde Weald but before arriving in the Teekon Wilds. Unknown whether it is of female or male sex, the Raven is not always present but most often looming overhead in the trees. Zsuzsa has no special connection with the Raven and does not consider it a pet of sorts. It is always considered as "the Raven" with a capital R in writing. Other players are free to interact and even act with the Raven, however it will always find its way back to Zsuzsa if it departs from her for a temporary time.
Zsuzsa's Signature
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Player Notes
"One thing is needful. To give style to one's character, a great and rare art! It is practiced by those who survey all the strengths and weaknesses of their nature and then fit them into an artist plan until every one of them appears as art and reason and even weaknesses delight the eye." — Twilight of Idols by Friedrich Nietzsche
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