Profile of Aiolos: Quick Facts

Basic Info
Full Name: Aiolos
Alias: Olo, 'Lion'
Subspecies: Mackenzie Valley Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 3 Yrs (June 30, 2017)
Birthplace: Black Bayou, Canada
Height: 33 in
Weight: 135 lbs
At A Glance
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Profile of Aiolos: Details

Another soul born into the body of a powerful creature, fueled by the intense training of one royal family to the next. Aiolos is made tall and lean, his physical skills juggling somewhere in the middle - not as fast as a sprinting huntress or with brute force as someone more heavily built. Olo is a creature of impressive stamina, made for the long haul and his personality and history further pushes him to keep going and not giving up even if it is not for the best of his own wellbeing. He has developed a smooth, nearly slithering walk, gathering from a need to slip between the cracks unnoticed. His colors are a fierce flaming mixes of molted russet, ginger and auburn brighter in the sun's brilliance. His backside is cloaked with a deeper set of mahogany, whilst his jaw, throat and cheeks hold a softer cream. His eyes even hold this scene of hell's keep, as they shine in a mix of amber and gold. Not so flawless as it would seem, for scars from previous battled mare the skin under his flaming pelt, smothering the memories of a past which he has far by now left behind.

Aiolos has settled into an uncharacteristically made life of your average wolf pack. After his abuse in his birth home, Aiolos silently considers the Nereides wolves as his saviors. As such, his utmost respect, care and loyalty is to the women of his pack. Olo has not grown out of his yearling rambunctiousness and is still as bullheaded and determined as ever, wanting to prove himself, wanting to be seen and heard. His rebellion only goes as far as mutterings under his breath and hard stares at the ground and his pent up agression and anger is often driven towards his own sex. Where he knows his place among the women, he pledges to push himself towards the top of the men so that he may be noticed more among his superiors. Olo is an adventurous sort and with his endurance, often jumps to the opportunity to take position as body guard when one of his maidens go out for a stroll or work.
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The inglorious bastard child. Aiolos was born as a 'lustful mistake' by the female heir of his birth pack and a rogue male. Only the leading pair were allowed to breed and Aiolos would have otherwise been killed or banished with his mother had his mother not been the heiress. This however did not stop the consistent bullying, beatings and other such harsh aggression from the Alpha, his grandfather, in the pack along with his lackies. He was told he had to consistantly prove he was worthy of keeping alive and so, even as a child, was forced to learn quickly the hierarchy of the pack, hunt for himself and protect himself. Though Olo would try to make his family proud, nothing seemed enough to appease them. Even his own mother turned a blind eye to his treatment. Just after his first year, the Nereides raided. They were able to defeat his family's (or lack there of) with such swiftness and ease it left Olo feeling intrigued and.... happy? Who were these mighty women? The yearling would soon find out as he was swept up by them as one of their slavery prizes. Despite learning very quickly that men were lessers in this pack (far different from his former home) Aiolos grew accustomed to their ways rather easily, silently feeling as though the Nereides are his 'saviors'.

"Aiolos was trained by Ovid and treats him as a big brother and mentor-figure, but holds some doubts about his place in the world. He once desired a Nereides very greatly for himself but as he is young and his skills are still developing, he did not manage to get far during the breeding rites. When Ovid was assigned to this raiding party he volunteered himself - much to everyone's surprise - and followed the group to the mainland for a fresh start."

It was just bad timing upon his arrival to the Teekon Wilds. A shutter of earthquake caused him to loose track of his unit and fall into the forming pack territory of Courtfall. Their leading female offers him a place in the Vale to stay and freedom still to search for his sea brethren.
Pack History
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After being taken by the Nereides, Aiolos dismissed his birth family and stripped himself of the surname he never truly deserved in their eyes. He hasn't any family, though regards Ovid as an older brother and mentor and the Nereides as his saviors.

·Sons: Huojin, w/ Ruò.

·Pledged (10.28.19-11.28.19)
·Vísivai 'Merc' (11.28.19-01.30.20)
·Pledged (01.30.20-03.01.20)
        Jūnshì (band):
· Shaowei 'Ensign' (03.01.20-04.21.20)
· Shǐzhě 'Lead Scout' (03.12.20-7.12.20)
· Shàngjiàng 'Leader' (7.12.20-currently)

        Trade Goals:
·Mercenary - Guardian, Warrior
·Scout - Ambassador
Profile of Aiolos: Additional Information
As a guardian and scout, Aiolos may pop up in threads if needed by his packmates. During fights, Aiolos will receive +2 for his mercenary skill per this sparring method.
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