Profile of Rodyn: Quick Facts
Moontide Alpha*
Played By: Danni
Basic Info
Full Name: Rodyn Ardeth
Subspecies: Gray Wolf
Size: Large, Stocky
Sex: Male
Gender: Male
Pronouns: He/him
Age: 4 (March 13, 2020)
Birthplace: EmberShadow Grove
At a Glance
Autumn colored fur, black accented, warm yellow eyes. Introspective, intelligent, kind, protective.

Left Shoulder bite mark from wolf Aventus
A scar along the right side of his face from a Hunt with otters.
A scar along his temple from a hunt with otters


Extraverted. Intuitive. Feeling. Judging. Assertive
Profile of Rodyn: Details
Coat of autumn hue, black accents color his ears, his paws and the nape of his neck. Yellow eyes stare out of smaller snout with intelligence and mirth. Lanky and limber of limb, he is made for running and hunting, ranging. He is silent when he walks despite his bulk.

A scar colors his left shoulder from a Squirmish at the borders of Redtail rise by Aventus.
A scar along the right side of his face from a Hunt with otters.
A scar along his temple from a hunt with otters
A scar on his right shoulder from Bison Hunt

Drawn by Liv

Drawn by Lepos
will also develop more in IC

Rodyn is a ranger, an outrider, scout whatever it is they referred to him as. Intelligent and quick of wit, he is young, but not so young that he doesn't understand what is what. He loves to speak at length of deeper things, and his mind is often on far reaching things. Though he can be hot-headed as all youths are, he also is kind-hearted, intelligent and a gentle dose of whimsy. He is always willing to lower himself to the ground for little paws to stomp all over him, and just as willing to lay his life down for his friends.
Rodyn was born March 13, 2020 to Balkin and Liecia Ardeth behind brother Virien, and twin sister Bula. They were the 4th litter to the Matriarch and Patriarch of EmberShadow Grove. The Ardeth family were nicknamed the Autumn wolves, as all seem to be of Autumn colors, dark browns and reds mixed in with blacks.

Liecia was a polite mannerly wolf with kindness in her heart. She raised all her children this way. Whereas Balkin was a little stricter, hasher. He liked control and would chase the males out by the time they were 1.5 years old. Often violently. Though he taught them up until that point to hunt, fish, and fight.

Rodyn was chased from his pack lands and walked for almost half a year, before he finally made it to the Tekon woods. It was here that he met the kind Matriarch of Moonglow, Kukutux, and he pledged himself to her pack and her people. Determined to learn trading, and to hunt for her pack and her people. He quickly gained the trade of outrider and began to climb the pack ranks moving from Sigma to Eta quickly. Then Onto Delta.

He made a fast friend in a neighboring pack Oy Kryfoi. The alpha male Astraios becoming a dear friend and hunting partner.

While in Moonglow Rodyn found humself enamored with the daughter of his leaders, Samani. When he approached Kukutux about his intentions for her daughter. She spoke on her mate and she finding a bride price. Rodyn was given a bride price by Kukutux and Aiolos of 8 white ermine pelts, 3 stag skins, 4 otter pelts, 1 sea shell, and dried caribou meat. Enough for both him and her family. He embarked on his bride journey on September 1st, 2022.

While on his trader/bride journey Rodyn met a number of wolves, though his most prolific meeting to date was at the borders of Redtail Rise, where he was set upon by Aventus, for a lie his son told. He bears that scar, and no longer trusts as he once did.

Rodyn managed to gather all of his items for his pack, with the exception of the winter Ermine and the Caribou, before he returned to his pack lands. There is still time to gather what he must, as they started a hunt earlier this year.

Given the name of Sivaluk or first hunter on 11/13/2022. He's engaged to the beautiful wolf Samani.

Soon after he finished his bride price journey and pledged himselc to Samani. He and she embarked on a new home find. Settling on the shore and forest of moontide.

Their time in Moontide was happy and peaceful Samani and he were set to bring children into the world, but the labor went wrong. Rodyn lost his love Samani and their daughter Tootega, but their sons Rolayne and Panuk survived and were nursed by Samani's sister Sialuk and her wife Elentari

Rodyn is slowly beginning to piece his life back together for his children, his late wife. Even hunting and trading again.

In May of 2024, Rodyn sent his son Panuk on a journey to bring peace to his spirit. Perhaps with the csribou hunters?
First Litter: Vukasin (M), Devdan (M), Rodman (M)
Second Litter: Lycia (F), Wynne (F)
Third Litter: Thessalina (F), Sandulf (M)
Fourth Litter: Virien (M), Rodyn (M), Bula (F, Twin)
Fifth LItter: Merle (M), Severa (F), Aldith (F)
Last LItter: Kenia (F)

Fiance: Samani


Adopted Mother: Shikoba
Pack History
EmberShadow Grove
Puppy 03/13/20 to 09/13/20
Gamma 09/13_20 to 09/13/21

Lone Wolf-
09/13/21 to 05/30/22
Sigma 5/30/22-6/30/22
Eta 6/30/22-7/20/22
Zeta 7/20/22 -7/28/22
Delta 7/28/22-11/14/22
Gamma 11/14/22-2/14/23
Pledged 2/14/23-3/22/2023
Alpha 3/22/2023
Profile of Rodyn: Additional Information
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