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Pack Activity 

for the sake of ease, the trading party has been teleported. this is future-dated for feb 22. i am happy to do backdated traveling threads if it is desired!

trade goods include: sheepskins, antelope hides, polished disks of goat bone, some dyed with plant juices, small offerings of sacred red dust, earth-paints, curls of bark from lowland chestnut trees, containers of their winterwine, iridescent scaled skins taken from fish within the serpent, the antlers of oryx, prairie chicken feathers, sage grouse tails, livers, beaks, etc, preserved cactus flowers, etc etc. senmut will be carrying three very precious pieces of amber and canonically, akashingo's catacombs are home to purple and blue stones of polished glitter. feel free to have your character choose one of these things as their personal trade, expand on an idea, or make up another! overlap welcome! please message me if anything is confusing!

no posting order! tagging moontide here (@Rodyn @Heph @Iiana @Phox @Tullik @Marina @Iseul @Raindrop @Alesya) once the akashingo/muat-riya party is told where to set up, ill start another thread. anyone welcomed by moontide is also welcome to join the trading that will take place (looking at @Sylvie and @Ceridwen!) also tagging @Machiavelli, as there was interest but not sure if u were joining <3 feel free to fit him anywhere if u decide to come! <3

the day arrived.

having written @Eset, @Toula, and @Rashepses of his intentions, senmut called for those from muat-riya to join their larger party in preparations at akashingo.

beyond delighted that the priestess of muat-riya would be coming, the prince disallowed himself from growing distracted. between @Legend and bayek, senmut surmised that their diminutive neb @Gucci should be carried, or perhaps ride in state upon strong shoulders. it was a long trek through heavy snow, and he wished the vizier's comfort, ordering that an extra blanket of cured sheepskin be brought specifically for the small man.

@Madhuri and @Haizel would travel with the mazoi and the vizier, senmut chose. @Racharra would journey with the erpa-ha at the head of their column. @Nazli too, he decided, knowing that her small stature did not bely the power that had grown in her.

knowing that he did not wish to be parted from her.

@Tuna, senmut declared, had whatever choice she desired. her role was to attend the needs of nobility on their frequent stops, but otherwise senmut too wished for her to be free, to explore and range as they traveled.

greatwater lake was where the trading expedition first stopped, senmut blessing the waters and the silent feral trees where khaba had betrayed them and been punished for it. the prince did not hope for more war. he communed here with racharra, sharing a private breakfast with the young woman and allowing her to lead him through the details of the lake to which he had not yet been privy.

yes. greatwater would be a fine place for her to reclaim what zharille had sacrificed for her young.

the heartwood was their second camp; blowing snows forced them to an early stop, but senmut was relieved to call it. two days were spent here while the storm passed, and half of another to navigate the newly deepened drifts between their encampment and neverwinter.

the spine was not visited, though senmut thought he saw sentries among the evergreens.

with wonder he called a third camp in the quarry, and collected a few of the smaller stones, considering how they would gleam beneath the moon in muat-riya.

"our aim is to return with as much or more than we will trade," the prince told them quietly once the mazoi had hunted a meal and they had gathered among the glowing rocks to sleep. "haggle. be fair but firm. our pharaoh treasures that which is very beautiful. trade for those things of the sea we do not have in the flatlands or the desert. and do not forget to trade also for yourselves. the bulk of our wealth will return to akashingo and muat-riya. but to take a piece of the ocean also for your own purposes is important. we are protected here by Wadj-wer, and it is to Him you should offer your praise and thanks."

in two days more they reached the plateau, though the fragrance of the sea and the salt upon the wind were experienced long before the rocky edge of moontide came into view. senmut received a great rush of anticipation; he helped to arrange the many packets and rolls of trade-goods into a wide swathe and then called out for the leaders of the village, his green eyes resisting a glance toward nazli. senmut stood before them, straight-backed and observant of the plateau-land beyond the borders.

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ill wait a bit for moontide wolves to pile in b4 responding w iiana!

the first thing that struck racharra is the sharp scent that broke through even the winter breeze. it rustles the fur that trails past her mane, muscles tensing as she becomes acquianted with the new sensation of ocean.
she then tightens her grip on the pouch of deerskin — she's held it tightly the entire trip, and rejected any offer to take it from her. 

in truth, she isn't looking for anything from the sea people — except maybe a man. she instead hopes to leave something behind of hers: where it may be swallowed up by the sea or someone may take a burden off of her.

nebet stands tall behind erpa-ha, watching intently as he announces akashingo's arrival with song and wind carries it.
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When the party arrived Heph had to admit a moment of surprise flickered on her face as she beheld them in the distance though it had smoothed to a smile when she greeted them warmly. Though she spared a hello for Senmut first, a familiar face "Senmut, it's good to see you." Before she addressed the party, a swish of her tail. "Welcome to Moontide. I hope your journey was well though I know it was long, i'll show you where you can rest, we have prepared things of the sea to trade and will call too our sister packs to trade as well." If they were amenable to following she would lead them deeper into the plateau towards the forest where they could shelter, pointing out anything they might need to be wary of though not going too in depth upon the first meeting.

She would call @Rodyn as well so he would know that wolves had come, and the first warrior and first hunter @Chakliux and @Iiana. Once the guests were settled and she could spare a moment to herself she would head east and howl for @Dutch so that he knew that they had come. Pulling Iiana aside she made sure the first trader knew where the antlers and stones and seashells that Moontide had collected, Heph too during her convalescence where she could not have wandered as far and spent much time strengthening herself by the sea, and gathered for trade. Wrapped and furs and ready to be displayed.

Before the party had left she would send word to Moonglow and Moonspear so that wolves of those packs might come and trade if it was their wish. @Kukutux @Sialuk
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iiana trails closely behind the pack heads, eager. she could just barely catch a glance to the figures from the faraway land. those that came from the desert to the humidity of the sea — civilizations from opposite worlds. the woman shivers from the weight of her own thoughts

or maybe its the cold front hitting her.

then, as commanded to, she rushes to fetch the goods alongside her own personal findings. quick on her feet, she carries the goods in their bags, all prepared to display them for the foreigners.
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If there was something to be done, she listened. When it was @Gucci to be carried upon her back, she walked with two fox pelts draped delicately over her spine. Above them, the neb. One for his comfort, the other for warmth, should the winter winds begin to chill him.

Protection, too, by her teeth, should there need be. Legend had grown quite attached to the presence of the noble.

She learned also, in this way, that the cold betrayed her. That Ra did not reach her any longer, by warm ray or scorching love. Only something much newer. Something unexperienced, and unlearned. The chill of the earth, seeping through her fur and touching her skin. And though she did not know Shu, Shu now knew her.

When Gucci was not upon her back or Bayek's, she was hunting while many rested. As Senmut ordered.
The terrace, she learned quickly to stay away from. All she could bring was small game, and when each was dropped, the nervous sweep of her tail and desperately low stomach was her apology before leaving again. It would stay that way. Until she was able to have help.

The next days came the same, until their pacing was slowed. Until they arrived in Moontide. Where her shoulders slumped, and she stood patiently poised in the mass of travel. Straight shoulders, a lifted head. Raven, raven, raven. A downed tail, attentive eyes. Attentive eyes upon the Moontide people.
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She traveled with Gucci and the mazoi warrioress Legend, amused by his tales of his life and sharing those of her own. Clutched within her teeth was a carefully wrapped bundle of skins containing wine—berries soft and leaking, ready to be crushed into more liquid form.

She knew of the stuff from Mynydd and had been fascinated to find them at Akashingo. Why should she not bring some winter cheer to their allies?

With a sigh of relief, she placed the bundle upon the ground and lifted her chin, ears pricked, waiting for the call to be answered and for the Moontide wolves to answer. One did: a woman, tall and poised, who addressed Senmut directly.

Madhu bowed low upon any address, dark lashes falling down on sapphire eyes—but her attention was well and truly piqued upon mention of her uncle, Dutch.

Of course, he was around—Easy had mentioned that. But here—now?
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This is going ot be short. My head is starting to hurt. But I will do my best to make it count. I can be skipped. Powerplayed. Rodyn would take meat, trinkets and furs in exchange for his items.

Rodyn heard the call and dove into the storehouse where he kept his things. He had gotten many things over the time hunting for his bride price. And a sense of sadness descended upon him as he pulled these things to him. But these were the extras that he had to offer.

So upon broad back he took three trips and he carried a multitude of items. Furs and small trinkets, packs like the one he had made for Shikoba and Kukutux. The noise makers he had made for Samani and Callyope.

Items for trade

3 Otter skins
3 pouches
3 noise makers made of fish bones
1 stag skin
1 rack of antlers
1 bison hoof
2 furs of seashells
1 bison fur (this will be a large trade item)

He laid them all out for those to see and then he greeted everyone that arrived. So many new faces and new smells. He would be sure to greet everyone personally.
Interested in Moontide? Rodyn is always available for threads.
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Machi has brought along gems from Akashingo, as well as a few small containers of crushed minerals to be used as eye makeup in assorted colors. He is primarily interested in furs for Muat-Riya, as well as pouches and plants for personal use.

The man had secured Eset's permission to join the travel group, albeit under two conditions: maintain impeccable behavior and adhere closely to his yet-to-be-determined chaperone.

On the day of departure, he had gathered up his bundles of goods and set out to meet the remainder of the party with a promise to be on his very best behavior, and anxious to see who had been assigned his keeper. Of course, he should have expected who Eset would assign.
It was, inevitably, Legend.

Damn it.

True to his word, he positioned himself beside the warrioress and the little lord she carried for the entire journey, assisting in hare hunting and using his size to shield them from the wind. Uninterested in potential reprimands for any missteps, he kept his words to a minimum and absorbed himself in the tales of the peerage, offering smiles, nods, or laughter where appropriate.

Upon reaching the pack's borders, he lingered close to his assigned nursemaid, a glint of amusement in his eyes as he observed her uncharacteristic seriousness. A bit of suspicion was always healthy, but no need to be so overt about it.

He allowed his hip to gently bump against hers, a quiet reassurance.
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tuna was not given explicit directions, perhaps feeling the freedom for the first time. and while she helped carry and shoulder the loads of goods they had to offer, her interest was not in trading. instead. tuna's eyes grew wide she saw the ocean for the first time in her life. she could hear it too, she smelt the salty winds and felt the sand beneath her toes for a little, and the grit was still so different from the desert and the mesa. 

many thoughts buzz in her head between those batty ears, though she can only focus on making the pleasantries that were asked of her. dressed in her humble kohl-winged eyes and that glittering snake skin senmut had made for her, tenderly wrapped around her neck and shoulders, tuna still served her best.

and when they were given their freedoms, and she saw the trading underway, she would slip away to the white caps of the water, and there an onlooker would see her pure coyote glee of having the water rush over her little toes.
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