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You guys can answer this or not, whatever have you. I won't be answering past this first post. I just know that Rodyn wouldn't leave without telling everyone goodbye and he would miss them.

Rodyn woke with a start and stared around him. Today was significant. He swallowed thickly as he looked around the den he had dug. The cozy furs along the floor of the animals he had felled. The deer skin a place of honor in the far corner. He had yet to lay upon it, saving it for something, or more so someone. If she would have him.

However, he had much to get through before that time was upon them. The fish bones outside his den tinkled and rang out clear and beautiful as the breeze blew them by. Tears sprang to his eyes, but he quickly blinked them away. Moonwoman @Kukutux would not ask such a task of him if she didn't believe in him. And nothing should come easy. He knew this. He also knew @Samani was worth so much more than what was asked of him.

He looked to the side of the den, where he had placed pretty rocks he had found at the bottom of rivers. Had pressed them hard into the walls. The gnarled roots that he had thought looked pretty. A lining of unfinished projects along the wall as well. More pouches for those who needed them.

He was doing this for his future, to grow, to learn to care. And he was doing this for Samani. Whether she chose him or not, he would show her what a good man could be, because he wanted to be such even if he didn't get what he wanted in the end.

He would return changed, he knew this. He hoped for the better. But he could not forget that perhaps this would take more from him than give, and that is probably what this was about. It wasn't just the hunt he was supposed to go on. No, this was a moment between ages where he was to learn a lesson, or many and grow with them.

Finally, he gave one last look around. Sandulf would care for his den. He knew this, part of him wished Sandy could come along, but he knew that it would completely ruin the whole point.

Large body loped towards the borders of Moonglow and before he passed across them, he howled out to those he cared for. To let them know he would be back, to be strong, and happy and he wished the best for them in his absence. He hoped they would understand. He did not worry that they would go hungry. He had been hunting and fishing the entire summer. Had dried much of it. Their caches were full.

As his howl tapered off, he stepped down and towards the rising sun, the sunlit fog dancing along his black fur, and settling on his ears.
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hope ms. dramatic is okay to pop in here <3 anyone can react to her! :D

Her sleep was often fitful now.

The call just assured she was fully awake. Except this was a leaving call. It carried the message of a planned return, but he was leaving.

Mo gone.

Second family gone.

Now Rodyn would be gone.

All at once she burst into a sprint, cutting along Moonglow to move down his trail. To stop him before he went too far. She would arrive on the edge of their claim out of breath, nearly folded in on herself in a stumbling of large paws.


But he was gone, already on his path.

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Callyope, no. The father commands, sharp, but not harsh, as he comes trotting to her side, pressing to her. He is lucky he is not far from the borders which he guards.  

Rodyn must go on this long journey. He is to hunt with our allies, to help prepare them for the winter to come. He explains. Rodyn is proving himself fit to take one of my beautiful daughters as his bride. I will not make it easy on any. A small smile and he noses his daughter, to urge her back into Moonglow.
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But she was hurt once more.

The words of taataa could not change that.

It did not matter if he had a reason, if this was to be a union in the future between him and one of her sisters.

None of it mattered.

In fact, perhaps some part of her was made bitter by this. That they would send off bear-faced hunter when they had already lost Mo. They had lost second family.

She seethed in her silence.

Her mother had her bury her hurt once and she would go do so again. Leaving without a word, without her father.

She cut sharply up towards where anaa made her altar.


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as aiolos explained this way to callyope, kukutux watched rodyn depart.

walk with the spirits. listen to their guiding voices.

she knew that he would return. 

callyope stormed beyond them. she sought peace too for her storm-soul girl.
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