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Played By: cyprin
Marked Away: depression
May 10, 2023 — Unknown
Basic Info
Full Name: 若霜 / wang ruò shuāng
Subspecies: coastal wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 2 (2018)
Birthplace: distant beach
At a Glance


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discord is notmailman #0420
Profile of Ruò: Details

dull frosty brown drapes over her head to the back and over to the tail, but hailing like a siamese for it reaches to her toes. underneath contains a dull sand, unvibrant, just as her eyes are a simple shade of a cloudy blue.

neither tall or small, but perfectly average in height. though with a slimmed body, she has the look of a taller wolf, while elegantly walking through the waters with ease.



mother to huojin

siblings bo hai, lei lei
younger sibling riluo
cousins ying, huā, mei
distant cousins kun, xia, chun tao

despite being family, ruò is not considered close to any of her siblings, parental figures or cousins. she is distant, but is aware on who they all are. it wouldn't be a surprise if someone forgotten her name, or even know of her existence. she is reclusive.

Profile of Ruò: Additional Information
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