Profile of Kigipigak: Quick Facts
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Played By: Talamasca
Basic Info
Full Name: Kigipigak Sisamat Tartok
Meaning: Backbone
Subspecies: Alaskan (13% European Gray Wolf; 37% Alaskan Interior Wolf; 50% Alaskan Barrens Wolf.)
Size: Large, Stocky
Sex: Male
Age: Two years (June 9th, 2019)
Birthplace: Unnuakvik Village
At a Glance
Pale, stocky, scarred. Sounds like Nick Offerman.

Notched ear-tip (Daighre)
Missing right-front dewclaw (Whrist)
Left armpit scar curving along ribs, up (Cat)
Right hip scar curving towards groin, down (Cat)
Grip-marks on neck & tailbone (Cat)
Profile of Kigipigak: Details

KIGIPIGAK(34" tall 路 150lbs)

A traditionalist according to Tartok standards. Pugilistic, severe, and hard-hitting when the need arises. His erratic teenage hormones have only somewhat stabilized, leading him to become a more prideful, boisterous, and overtly masculine creature; after his run-in with a cougar his sense of identity has been shaken, leading him to question the teachings he grew up with and his own masculinity as it relates. Kigipigak has also started noticing the opposite sex to a greater degree, showing signs of bashfulness and overzealous conversation when he sees a pretty face.

0鈥1UNNUAKVIK (whelp, anneriwok, dispersal.)
Auktuk had outlasted his usefulness and was becoming demented. He did not respect the chain of command and Kigipigak would not allow him to undermine the matriarch of Unnuakvik. It was not a match he could win alone鈥攂eing then unproven, an anneriwok鈥攕o he asked his sisters to help him and they swore to lend their aid should Kigipigak make the challenge; he followed through, and the sisters did not. He faced his father alone and slew him, earning his place among his people鈥攕imultaneously denouncing his sisters. Life went on but for months following the death of his father Kigipigak drew the ire of older members of the pack, and knew that he could not stay. With his mother's blessing and her thanks the boy dispersed, unsure of his future.
1鈥2GREYMOOR (ranger trade aquired.)
After some travel he came upon the Teekon Wilds. It was here that Kigipigak first encountered wolves of a similar nature to his own 鈥 Stjornuati, Valm煤a, Solpallur, and Rokkvi 鈥 and after being charmed by the woman Valmua, he pledged to help them build a home upon Raven's Watch; it was to be called Greymoor, and uphold tenets of the Tartok lifestyle which they all shared. In an effort to please the other men Kigipigak went on a journey to gather as many women as he could to their cause, only to find that he had been manipulated by Valmua, leading to their shared punishment by the brothers. Following this the Wilds were affected by a more dire than usual winter storm. The dangerous weather coupled with Stjornuati hearing what he would term 'the call' led the brothers away from the Teekon and the dissolution of their home. Eager to find some place that would suit them, the entire family left without much warning to Kigipigak; but he chose to stay and seek his fortunes in the valley rather than follow after them in to the unknown.
2鈥3RIVENWOOD & MOONGLOW (winter to summer.)
As a means to survive the storms Kigipigak made a deal with Mahler of Rivenwood. He sought shelter among the wolves of Broken Boulder and agreed to remain until spring to pay off any debt. Mahler then took the pack and sought refuge within Noctisardor Bypass, effectively running out the family pack that had been living there previously 鈥 Legion. Kigipigak grew to enjoy his life in this space, at least until spring arrived. Mahler gave him permission to become a father with any of the women that would accept him, which was a shock to the boy. He did not know if that was what he desired, and his constant indecision led to multiple women dismissing him as an option. He left the forest pack under the guise of running an errand, only he did not return to them.
Kigipigak spent a month travelling away from the Wilds; he returned to his roots and lived for himself alone, but found himself missing something. When he returned he chose not to seek out Rivenwood or to upkeep his promises, and journeyed to the central regions of the Teekon Wilds where he met a girl named Sakhmet, pledging to help her build a new home for herself. Kigipigak was surprisingly smitten with the girl, although they did not know one-another long before he befell an accident. Eager to prove himself capable to her and make her happy, Kigipigak was caught tracking deer from the plateau towards the western mountains. Caught first by heatstroke, secondly by an opportunistic cougar, he fought the creature off as best he could and barely survived.
It was here that Kukutux discovered him, transporting him to her home of Moonglow where he could recover.
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