Profile of Kigipigak: Quick Facts
Brecheliant Eun Liath
Master Ranger
Played By: Talamasca
Basic Info
Full Name: Kigipigak Tartok
Subspecies: Alaskan (13% European Gray Wolf; 37% Alaskan Interior Wolf; 50% Alaskan Barrens Wolf.)
Size: Large, Stocky
Sex: Male
Age: Four years (June 9th, 2019)
Birthplace: Unnuakvik Village
At a Glance

· Notched ear-tip (Daighre)
· Missing right-front dewclaw (Whrist)
· Left armpit scar curving along ribs, up; right hip scar curving towards groin, down; grip-marks on neck & tailbone (Cat)
· Ankle bite, rear left. (Njord)
· Bite wounds to face & nose; scars to left side of neck. (Tulimaq)
Profile of Kigipigak: Details
A traditionalist according to Tartok standards. Pugilistic, severe, and hard-hitting when the need arises. He has grown in to a powerful man, with strength of heart as well as body. He is stern and thoughtful around most people, softening only around those he is very close to, becoming his old boisterous self. While as a boy he was not a thoughtful creature but an animate one, maturation has brought a new weight to his mind.
Mother: Sedna
Father: Auktuk
Siblings: Nauja, Nuiruk and Kivirut; Aniruk. Nayarvik, Sarrugin, Anatuxiq, Kanuxiaq, Mitkunpiyyaq, Tapaxiluliq.
Extended: Tulimaq, Ikkuma; Sikuyasi, Amutchiaq, various cousins.
Grandparents: Larus, Saghani
Children: Kivaluk, Akkuma (Sakhmet 2022).
Akmaaksi, Nutuyiruk, Tautukpik (Asivaq 2024).
Aokatti: Njord

Grandchildren: Eagle "Eljay", Crane "Maia", Cardinal "Sakhmet".
Pack History
Profile of Kigipigak: Additional Information
Registered on November 07, 2020, last visited 2 hours ago
Art Credits
Avatars by Thena & Gardwin. | Banner photo by Gabriel Garcia Marengo @ Unsplash. | Appearance art by Rainchaser | Couple art by Gardwin & Phobic-Art.
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Inupiaq. · Common.
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