Profile of Arrluk: Quick Facts
Moonspear Villager
Played By: Vami
Basic Info
Full Name: Arrluk Nuiruk
Subspecies: Arctic & Makenzie Valley
Size: Large, Athletic
Sex: Male
Age: 1 year (3.23.23)
Birthplace: Moonglow
At a Glance
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Profile of Arrluk: Details

Sharp markings & contrasting color of white and black. He wears the skin of the killer whale. Large wolf made by a tall stature with a lean, athletic build. He stands shorter then his two age-mate brothers. Expressive sea-green eyes, the left of which has sectoral heterochromia of deep blue. Has the scent of wet dog & musky earth.
Black coat base. White on his lower jaw & down to his throat. White patch of color starting behind the base of each ear and going down both sides of his scruff. Off-white 'wings' behind his shoulder blades. White on his underbelly that arcs up onto his side along his thighs but not on his legs. Sea-Green eyes, the right which has partial herocroma of dark blue.

Arrluk is a simple man, uninterested in politics, leadership roles, going on spirit-walks or having great adventures to lands far from home. If he travels, it is within the lands of the Moon tribes or as a duty to his family. Secretly, he fears he will come to enjoy solitude and in that, he will become Akhlut, like the story his mother told. He is happiest & strongest with his family and has fitted into his position as a subordinate well.

Arrluk has a good head on his shoulders, one which is honest & principled. Refuses to break the code of law & honor even if it means determinant to loved ones or himself.

Quiet and attentive, which has increased due to his interests in fishing and watching pack borders. Arrluk can be a bit awkward and concise around strangers, but never rude. Though being reserved makes it harder to let new wolves in, he is thoughtful and kind, often thinking of others before himself.

As many the children of Aiolos & Kukutux, he has a love for cool weather and drawn to the sea. The sound of water soothes him, in all manners including gentle rainstorms, waterfalls, flowing water & the coast.

Father: Aiolos
Mothers: Kukutux & Sakhmet*
Litter-mates: Massaraq & Kassuq
Brothers: Mauruk, Huojin,Lómion*, Inkalorë*, Stratos, Kivaluk*
Sisters: Sialuk, Kausiut, Samani, Vairë*, Wilwarin*, Callyope, Ariadne & Galana


*not by blood
Pack History

Born within the packlands of Moonglow which is the Ouroboros Spine. As last in a litter of three brothers, Arrluk claims the role of youngest son of Aiolos' hearth. He is one of many in the growing Nuiruk family, whose claim has stretched from Moonspear to the coast.

Moonglow 3.23.23 - 3.31.24
Moonspear 3.31.24 - currently.
Profile of Arrluk: Additional Information
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