Alpine Lake There in the skies
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After his days by the falls along the outskirts of the Copse, Arrluk felt it time to continue on this spirit walk he was on. The light and dark colored boy gave a goodbye to @Meerkat and continued on his way. The river rock gifted to him by @Ajei for his adventure, clutched in his jaws. 

Outside of the Copse and into open meadow, it was easy to spot the rise of mountain out before him. It was a part of mountain which seemed to be broken apart from the rest of the great chain stretching from north to south. Large waterfalls gushed down the mountain, splitting into great rivers. One of which seemed to go into the Copse and along the mountain where he came and another to the west. 

Arrluk continued forward. He was not much of a mountain wolf, despite his home being surrounded by them. The mountains of Moonglow were squat and held easy paths. Thankfully, though this mountain was taller, it was not so much as high as Moonspear or the various summits around. Arrluk eventually made it into its heights, the pathways he took wide and slowly elevating. He took the easiest routes he could find, not daring to take a challenge just yet to lands he knew not. 

Arrluk slept in a cavern that night, the air cool and windy. Colder then he had been used to at these heights and being not in a den filled with family. In the morning, he finished his short trek to a finish and gasped at the sight before him- a climb worth taking for sure! The falls of the Hinderlands had taken his breath away- and yet this. The lake was no where near as large as Rodney, somewhere around the size of Moonglow's and yet it looked so blue- so pristine, so untouched, as though waters fitting for the gods and spirits above. Like home, but all the same a place all its own. Already, he felt he didn't want to ever leave, had he not family and friends he missed so dearly. 

And there, in the morning light, a figure danced over the waters! Her laughter captures Arrluk's attention. Her rose gold coat gleaming in the early morning sunlight. @Samani. S-...Sister...! 

She looks to him, Arrluk who is running now along the shoreline, trying to reach her as she ran on air, danced from the water surface and onto soft grass and rocky foothills. She pauses at the cliff side edge, looking out at the world below all around her. Then, she turns vibrant eyes to Arrluk, who comes close after, chasing, reaching! 

Sea-sister, wait-! 

And she jumped. 

Jumped from the cliff edge. But she did not fall. Instead, her back legs pushed off the edge of the cliffside and she glided out over the land far below her, as though invisible wings upon her back took her to flight. 

Arrluk skids to a halt as he watched on. Her laughter filling the air, her body in the breeze and then, turning to mist. A steam which tumbled and turned in the wind and up and out into the heavens above. 

Panting, heart burning, eyes filled with tears, Arrluk stares out into the incredible view from this side of the mountain, it's northern face. Here he could see the open greens of land as it then turned to sand. He could see the vast great blue of the long salt- stretching out east and west further then his eyes could see. He knew the ocean to be big, but here, on this mountain, he realized it's depth a bit fuller. And there, in front of him, was Ocean's Breath Plateau. Where tragedy became the awakening of his spirit path and now realized by Arrluk, where it would end. 

The spirits all the while had not talked to him. Today, they had and it had been his sister guiding his way.
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