Profile of Samani: Quick Facts
Moonglow Omicron
Played By: Teo
Basic Info
Full Name: Samani Nuiruk
Subspecies: Wolf
Size: Medium, Lanky
Sex: Female
Age: 0 (August 9th, 2021)
Birthplace: Ouroboros Spine
Profile of Samani: Details
Peachy and fair, Samani is a lovely picture of a young woman. She is growing into herself, at three months of age, and has started to take on her fine-boned adult body with surprising grace. For a girl so young, she is a sharp thing. Samani's eyes are watchful, intense, never revealing of her inner thoughts. They glimmer with a lovely jade color, like sun-touched sea water.
Thoughtful, observant, temperate, inquisitive.

Samani is still young, but she is a curious girl. She seeks to understand many things around her and to expand her own knowledge via conversing and observing others. The moon child is young and is rather quiet for a girl of her age. She prefers to watch and listen and will only speak when there are no options left for her. Curious and keen, she may still change as she grows.
Parents: Aiolos and Kukutux
Littermate: Kausiut
Half-siblings: Sialuk, Saviguk and Huojin
Pack History
Moonglow: 08/09/21 — present
Profile of Samani: Additional Information
Registered on May 24, 2021, last visited Yesterday, 05:13 PM
Player Notes
Well hello! I've been RPing for years on a lot of sites. Used to prowl the proboards back in the good days gone. I played on Ruins of Wildwood and Souls for a short time years ago. Thought I'd try to write again! Thanks for having me.

I am always available to 'spree' if so desired. ^^
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