Profile of Vairë: Quick Facts
Moonglow Beta*
Mate to Valiant
Played By: Box
Basic Info
Full Name: Vairë Nuiruk
Pronunciation: ˈvaɪre
Meaning “weaver” “wolves beneath the moon that shows through the clouds”
Spirit Name: Natjuksittitut
Subspecies: Mixed Wolf
Size: Small, Athletic
Sex: Female
Gender: Cis Woman
Pronouns: She/Her
Age: 2 (August 12th, 2021)
Birthplace: Moonglow, Ouroboros Spine, Teekon Wilds
At a Glance

Voiced by Rachel Zegler as Lucy Gray Baird from A Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes
Profile of Vairë: Details

Padded with weight from new motherhood, Vairë is a slim, slender presence. Her doe like stride and regal head shape lend to an aura of royalty she tries not to lean into. Her fur is thick and plush, a shade of beige. Heterochromia graces her eyes, a mix of green and hazel, just as much as soot dots her cheeks.

There is an antler shaped scar on her cheek, smaller now than it was.

A calm woman, Vairë hides a secret fire in her chest. Though she strives to remain non judgmental in her everyday life, her experiences with loss and leavings have turned her into a suspicious creature, always second guessing intentions. A natural leader, Vairë has a steady temperament, and a steely spine, with the ability to make hard decisions fairly easily. Since stepping up as moondoe, she has become fair more traditional in her approach to life, borrowing from the traditions passed on by moonwoman.

Could be said to have abandonment issues. Harsh and judgmental to any who leave their families behind, and has a bitter streak about those who have left her.

Born on 08/12/2021 to Gamma Lótë of Moonglow, alongside siblings Lómion, Inkalöre, and Wilwarin

Left the Teekon in September of 2022, wanting to discover who she was. Ended up finding the stag who held the wolf soul she was supposed to get, only to be marked by the deer in return.

She came back to the Wilds, infection riddled and unable to move, to the Spine. After she healed, she attended a singles mixer organized by her mother at her own request, where she met Rhaegal, and would proclaim him as her intended.

After having their three children, Rhaegal went missing. Vaire lived alone with her small family for many days, until Kukutux found her struggling to survive. Brought back to Moonglow, Vaire would soon take the place of her mother, the intended next moonwoman, and began to repair herself, and seek a companion all over again.
Mothers Lótë disowned winter 2023 (mother), Kukutux (anaa)

Father Aiolos

Biological Father Adrastus Adrastus left when Vairë was very young, she has no knowledge of him being her father instead of Aiolos

Older Sibling Sialuk

Littermates Lómion Baptiste, Inkalöre Baptiste, Wilwarin Baptiste

Little Siblings Fjall

Husband Valiant

Ex-Husband Rhaegal

Children Salaksartok, Ipiktok, Nasamiituuq (by Rhaegal, 2023)

Nantahala “Lilyflower”, Yuralria “Lariat”, Ikniqpalagaqï “Lightfoot” (by Valiant, 2024)
Pack History
Moonglow Birth-
Tau-> Lambda-> Iota ->Zeta


Delta -> Gamma -> Beta*
Profile of Vairë: Additional Information
Registered on July 21, 2021, last visited 10 minutes ago

Personality Notes + Quirks
-Aiming to become a Master Tracker/Deerstalker and Ranger
-Smells of mint, lavender, and bird

-Accompanied by a leucistic “brown” fisher’s crow she has named Akaagigan

-Vairë’s Totem is the Doe, who may sometimes speak in her posts. This doe is an apparition, referred to as Old Doe, and cannot be heard by anyone but Vairë.

Age Progression
-Opens eyes (August 23-27)
-Dominance battles begin(September 2nd)
-Playing outside the den (September 9th)
-First words (September 16th)
-Eyes begin to change (September 30th)
-Rendezvous site (October 7th)
-Assisting in hunts (November 4th)
-Eyes adult colors (December 2nd)

Art Credits
Art done by myself and mixedhearts, header by ron bird of pexels, gifs from tumblr
Vairë's Signature

Player Notes
I’m box I’m 22 and I never learned how to read
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