Profile of Mira: Quick Facts
Played By: summer
Basic Info
Full Name: Mira Ostrega
Subspecies: ⅝ Rocky Mountain x ¼ Eastern Timber x ⅛ Mackenzie Valley Wolf
Size: Medium, Muscular
Sex: Female
Age: 3 years (May 7 2020)
Birthplace: Moonspear
At a Glance
doja cat in paint the town red
Profile of Mira: Details
With a pelt of jet-black and an unwavering yellow stare, Mira tends to unnerve the socially adept. Muscle is apparent beneath her fur, though she is presently a bit more round, having recently gone through childbirth.

Personality Notes

-She prefers silence, but over time Mira has learned to behave by typical social standards and converse in a friendly manner, though she retains a degree of awkwardness.

-Mira considers her actions to be morally correct and lawful.

-She has a fascination with torture, murder, and dissection, but will not commit such acts without a reason that she believes is just.

-She is high-functioning autistic.

-She hates being wet, and avoids heavy rainfall.

-Mira worships her mother as a sort of golden standard in life, and aspires to be everything Hydra once was.

-Mira believes she deserves inheritance of the mountain called Moonspear due to her lineage.

-Mira will lie easily to miscontrue situations in her favor.

-She is selfish and will put herself before anyone else.

-She often has a plain, empty expression, devoid of emotion.

Parents: Dirge & Hydra Ostrega
Siblings: Atlas , Antares , Osiris , & Vega 06/17/19; Caelum , Altair , & Mintaka 05/07/20

Extended Ostrega Family Tree
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Profile of Mira: Additional Information
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Art Credits
Kowa, Jess, Lauren, Matthieu Joannon (Unsplash)
Mira's Signature
Mira's posts may contain violent content.
At present, Ksura will often be near Mira's den, and thus welcome in her familial threads.
Player Notes
hi im summer!! if you have anything in common with me, have a question for me, or just wanna be friends, hmu! i promise i don't bite :D

i tend to be a slow poster. i have a busy daily life and work most days, so please be patient with me. ooc communication is always welcome if you have questions! <3
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