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Basic Info
Full Name: Mathghamhain "Clover" Blackthorn
Subspecies: Mixed
Sex: Female
Age: 1 (July 12th, 2017)
Birthplace: Redhawk Caldera
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Art Credit: Lauren

Sprite-like and lissome, Clover has grown to be the smallest of the Blackthorn family. Her appearance bares her lineage; Clover's fur is washed with a grey-scaled agouti and exhibits the characteristic Blackthorn stripe. A marking on her left hip conveys her namesake—a clover. Her eyes are green. Clover's voice is likened to Alison Brie.

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Height: 2'2" · Weight: 71 lbs
Pack History
Mate: N/A
Offspring: N/A

Parents: Elwood and Finley
Littermates: Tegan, Fiadh, and Lucca
Siblings: Eljay, Liffey, Rannoch*, Lagan, Lucy, Tywyll, and Cinder
Adopted Siblings: Tytonidae, Osprey Jr., Saena, Pura, Derp, Nightjar, Wildfire, Raven, Quixote*, Ferret, Gannet, Whip, Peter Pan, Jackrabbit, Oriole, Orca, Titmouse, Phox, Towhee, and Stoat
Piblings: Spine, Carp, Caoimhe, Deaglan, Turquoise, Tiger, Colt, Apple, Lake, Prism, Fern, Drift, Rabbit, Maple, Hatch, Cardinal, Juniper, Lynx, Cyclone, Sunshine, Tadpole, and Fire
Cousins: Ríonach, Réitlín, and Impala
Niblings: Antler, Artaax, Blixen, Phoenix, Robin, Falcon/Hawk, Kiwi, Bat, Silkie, Tux, Remi, Deshyr, Wisteria, Breccan, Vasa, Owen, Kite, Phoebe, Seagull, and Gray Jay
Alive · Deceased · Missing
* Denotes an in-law
REDHAWK CALDERA · 07/12/17 — 04/20/18
REDHAWKS · 04/20/18 — present

Primary Trade: N/A
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