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Basic Info
Full Name: Opalia Drakru
Subspecies: Β½ Grey Γ— ΒΌ Arctic Γ— β…› Timber Γ— β…› Buffalo
Sex: Female
Age: 1 year (June 7, 2018)
Birthplace: Dragoncrest Cliffs, Teekon Wilds
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Profile of Opalia: Details
She has a plush, white underside then soft creams and very pale gold over top with an occasional fleck of dark gray. Her eyes are mismatched, a rosy-pink on the right, and sky blue on the left. Opalia is at best, a small-to-medium-sized wolf, however built dense and solid from a lifetime spent training herself to be.. while still maintaining a certain petiteness she got from her mother.
Inquisitive and resolute, and growing into her own independence. While she can be easily irritated, she is faithful, full of energy, and learning versatility to suit her.
Born on the coastal claim of Drageda with a brother and a sister to wocha Dio and fisa Portia, Opalia was their lastborn. Shortly after the litter reached standing in the ranks, her littermate Sequoia left them and immediately after that, their mother went missingβ€”to later be found dead when a storm ravaged the coastline, her having slipped.. though her health had not been well prior.

The ongoing battles with with Rusalka, her first taste of real fights > Dacio speaks to their mother in his dreams, then they try and fail to find Dalia after when the weather is bad > Heda's death via cliffside suicide > Opalia begins to guard Aure's plant gathering trips, picks up an interest in scouting > the pack splinters, starting with Aure and Vercingetorix leaving > her father and Blixen consider plans to take the rest of the pack back to Trigeda > Opalia and Dacio elect to stay back, to scout and find Dalia again. Dio, Blixen, Artaax, Tirgatao, Robin et al. all set off to Trigeda in the spring... > they find Stormrift's strife--alphaship taken by a Rusalka traitor, and Dalia there too > Dacio finds them a home in Larksong Grotto to train >
Pack History
Parents: Portia Moreau β™€βœ & Dio Drakru β™‚
Full Siblings:
Sirio β™‚, Dalia ♀
Sequoia ♀, Dacio β™‚
Half Siblings:
(family tree)
Drageda (06/07/2018 β€” 04/1/2019)

Mercenary (warrior)
Profile of Opalia: Additional Information
❧ common, trigedasleng
❧ mercenary earned dec '18.
❧ small scar below ear/behind eye from raleska; healing bear claw marks on lower back from june 2019;
❧ pics
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