Profile of Opalia: Quick Facts
by florian β™₯
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Basic Info
Full Name: Opalia Drakru
Subspecies: Β½ Grey Γ— ΒΌ Arctic Γ— β…› Timber Γ— β…› Buffalo
Sex: Female
Age: 2 (June 7, 2018)
Birthplace: Dragoncrest Cliffs, Sequoia Coast
At a Glance
Profile of Opalia: Details
She has a plush, white underside then soft creams and very pale gold over top with an occasional fleck of dark gray mottled within. Like her father, her eyes are mismatched, a rosy-orchid pink on the right, and sky blue on the left. Opalia is at best, a petite, small-to-barely-medium-sized wolf, however built dense and solid from a lifetime spent training herself to beβ€”strong, for her size. Though she sports a few miscellaneous scars of varying age, her appearance is generally well-kept. (pic)
Parents: Portia Moreau β™€βœ & Dio Drakru β™‚
Full Siblings:
Sirio β™‚, Dalia ♀
Sequoia ♀, Dacio β™‚βœ
Half Siblings:
Pack History
Drageda (06/07/2018 β€” 04/1/2019)
Elysium (09/03/2019 β€” 09/20/2019)
Roangeda (10/19/2019 β€” 12/20/2019)
Moonspear (12/21/2019 β€” 02/17/2021)

Mercenary (warrior, guardian)
Counselor (advisor)
Profile of Opalia: Additional Information
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