Dragoncrest Cliffs Drageda
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While the history of Drageda does not begin in the Teekon, they do differ from their former lives outside of the Wilds. They offer a unique, trade driven hierarchy and a close family-like bond as they take care and benefit from one another. Each member is expected to learn to defend themselves, others, and their land regardless of their primary trade and is prepared to defend their livelihood with their life. They do not often take kindly to outsiders but those they take in can easily incorporate and become one of their own.

Basic Information

Pack Name: Drageda.
Pack Ranks: Click here.
Location: Dragoncrest Cliffs.
Acronym: DRG.
Founded: January 22, 2016.
Relocated: December 18, 2016.
Founding Leaders: Thuringwethil (Cruz), Gyda (Tori).
Relocating Leaders: Thuringwethil (Cruz), Dio (Gerra), Wildfire (Kat).
Colors: Dark Cyan (#008b8b) & Dark Sea Green (#8fbc8f).
Anthem: Click here.
Language: Click here.

Current Leaders

Thuringwethil: Heda (01/22/16 - present)
Dio: Wocha (09/29/16 - present)

Past Leaders

Gyda: Dróttning (01/22/16 - 07/15/16)
Eske: Fleimkepa (08/10/17 - 09/07/17)
Wildfire: Bandrona (07/15/16 - 05/23/17)

Pack Territory

· Map made by Magdalyn (Portia).
Dragoncrest Cliffs: Intimidating, sharp cliffs that line the coast. They are a popular nesting place of many different birds, and their slopes are dangerous but passable. Trees line the ledges that descend irregularly towards the coast, but the impressive cliff faces form a sheer barrier between the coast and the forest above. Only those knowledgeable can hope to find passage down without instead circling to less intimidating routes further down.

Expanded Description

Several miles of redwood giants border the cliffs, providing support for the pack that lives within Dragoncrest Cliffs. Near the heart of the forest that lines the cliffs is a freshwater lake that acts as a local watering hole for prey and predator alike. With a small, open field on either side of the lake—and the ocean seen and heard in the distance—passersby immediately feel the relaxing atmosphere. When the lake overflows with rainwater, it trickles down into a cavern into a little pond that supports dense and healthy vegetation and the occasional small prey. This space acts as the pack’s rendezvous site (Hougeda) accessible to those that belong to Dragedakru. The most open part of the cavern is easily illuminated during the day and limited at night, and the further away from the opening you travel. There is a dark tunnel (about 200 feet) that leads to another cavern that opens up to a panoramic view of the ocean. The cavern is elevated enough that high tide does not reach the stone floor, but it does submerge a naturally made walkway that leads out and around a cliff to a private little beach. If one finds themselves stuck here during high tide, their only escape is a very steep and difficult climb upward or waiting the six hours for the tide to recede.

Outside the Teekon, there are three branches that fall under Drageda’s rule: Trigeda, Maungeda, and Sangeda If there is interest in playing a wolf from one of these packs, please contact Thuringwethil.
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The Hedonkru consists of four pivotal wolves within Drageda. The Commander is the one responsible for everyone and everything within the pack's claim (including other branches if a coalition is intact) and must serve and protect their wolves with their life. The wolf in this position is welcome to other branches of Drageda within a coalition. The Fleimkepa acts as the Heda's personal advisor and ritual leader (including the Sadgeda) and is also responsible for helping enforce Drageda's laws. Wocha is the wolf in charge of Drageda's warriors, ensuring all borders are secured and threats kept at bay. They are responsible for making sure all the warriors are suited for the pack and pushing each one to their limits. Bandrona is the main ambassador (aside from the Heda) to Drageda. They are to deliver messages to other packs as well as other branches of Drageda (where they are also welcomed as one of their own). When Heda is not able to make an appearance, the Bandrona will act and deliver in their place. In the event there is no Heda to reign, the Fleimkepa will act as commander until one is born and ready to take the throne.

  • HEDA · (noun: leader, commander, chief; from: header)
    Requirement: A Fos Goufa that wins their conclave upon predecessor's death. This rank cannot be challenged for but can be challenged against.

  • FLEIMKEPA · (noun: scribe, attendant; from: flame keeper)
    Requirement: Counselor (Advisor) and/or Chronicler (Historian).

  • WOCHA · (noun: chieftain; from: watcher)
    Requirement: Mercenary (Guardian, Tactician, or Warrior). This rank can be challenged for if the challenger meets the requirements.

  • BANDRONA · (noun: ambassador; from: band runner)
    Requirement: Scout (Ambassador).


The Hedakru is a special category for wolves that exist almost outside of Dragedakru. They must play their part as pack wolves and they have their own purpose. Because these wolves are often with the Hedonkru and involved in Drageda business, they are sworn silence when it comes to matters discussed within the group unless said otherwise. Wanlida is a skillful and knowledgeable wolf beneath the Wocha, followed by the Warmona. They are often the war chief's second, or right hand, and is involved in a lot of strategy decisions for the clan. The Cheka is the Heda's personal guard and is often with, or not far away from, each other. This wolf is allowed in any threads involving the Heda, all welcome or private, unless otherwise stated. The Fos Goufa is one or more wolves that are born the only child in a litter (no stillborns). They are taken from their family upon weaning and trained in various skill sets that it takes to become commander. When a commander dies, if there is only one Fos Goufa, they are selected as the new Heda, but should there be more than one, they begin a conclave called Sadgeda.

  • WANLIDA · (noun: bringer of death; from: wing-leader)
    Requirement: Mercenary (Tactician). This rank can be challenged for if the challenger meets the requirement.

  • WORMANA · (noun: war chief; from: war-manner)
    Requirement: Mercenary (Warrior). This rank can be challenged for if the challenger meets the requirement.

  • CHEKA · (noun: sentry; from: checker)
    Requirement: Mercenary (Guardian). This rank can be challenged for if the challenger meets the requirement.

  • SHILKRU (2) · (noun: guard (force); from: shell-crew)
    Requirement: Mercenary (Guardian). This rank can be challenged for if the challenger meets the requirement.

  • FOS GOUFA · (noun: one; from: first* | noun: child; from: ???)
    Requirement: Born the only child of a litter.


The Hanakru are specialized wolves within Dragedakru. They are not necessarily higher ranked than those in Dragedakru but they have specialized their skill and importance to the Heda in order to be recognized. The wolves in these ranks are the “go-to” wolves for anything the Hedonakru may need with an added level of trust in their relationship. There are only one slot per rank and are chosen by the current Heda. They may be altered if a new Heda has risen or someone has called their status into question (If the rank is held by someone with an accepted specialty when someone gains the preferred, it is possible the preferred specialty will take the rank).

  • FEISRIPA · (noun: tiger; from: face ripper)
    Requirement: Hunter (Deerstalker or Tracker [preferred], Birdcatcher, Fisher, Trapper [accepted]).

  • FISA · (noun: healer; from: fixer)
    Requirement: Caregiver (Medic [preferred], Midwife [accepted]).

  • FLEIMA · (noun: scribe; from: flame)*
    Requirement: Counselor (Advisor [preferred], Mediator, Therapist [accepted].

  • NATBLIDA · (noun: nightblood; from: night-bleeder)
    Requirement: Naturalist (Botanist, Meteorologist [preferred], Astronomer, Geologist, Toxicologist [accepted])

  • STELTRONA · (proper noun: a mythical horse that none can catch; from: stealth-runner)
    Requirement: Scout (Spy or Rogue).


The Dragedakru are wolves integrated into Drageda upon earning their first trade. They have worked toward gaining the trust of other Drageda members and contributing consistently to the pack. When their first/primary trade is earned, they are placed in a rank that matches the position. Wolves that join Drageda with prior trades earned are not placed into this category until it is obvious they use their skills for Drageda (after a couple of threads are completed). Each rank reflects a trade listed in the guidebook, which can be found here.

  • GONA · (noun: warrior; from: gunner)
    Requirement: Mercenary.

  • HOMPLEIA · (noun: hunt; from: hunt-play)
    Requirement: Hunter.

  • OPKEPA · (noun: caretaker; from: up-keeper)
    Requirement: Caretaker.

  • OUSPIKA · (noun: priest; from: over-speaker)
    Requirement: Chronicler.

  • RAUNA · (noun: scout; from: round)*
    Requirement: Scout.

  • SHOUNA · (noun: advisor; from showing-er)
    Requirement: Counselor.

  • SKAYONA · (noun: sky person; from: sky one)
    Requirement: Naturalist.


The Ogedakru are wolves that have joined Drageda and will remain in this group until they are able to earn their first or primary trade. When they have proven themselves worthy, already dedicating their loyalty to the Heda, they are integrated into Dragedakru (note: once your character is assigned the kru rank, the only way to move up is to acquire the respective trades listed above.).

  • KRU · (noun: a people, group of people; from: crew)


The Yongonkru are young wolves under the age of nine months falls into this category. As puppies grow and learn and gain experience in enough to earn a trade, they will be given apprenticeship that mimics the adult hierarchy. When they reach six months old and they have acquired their trade, they will be moved in with the Dragedakru, otherwise they are move into a Kru rank.
    (noun: child; from: go forth)


The Bushhadakru are wolves that have done something to earn a punishment that does not warrant death (or held until prosecution) or held captive against their will. Branwoda are wolves that have deemed themselves (possibly temporarily) unworthy of being in Drageda. They will be brought before the Hedonkru for judgment to determine when, or if, they can integrate back in. The Honon are wolves help captive or prisoner and are constantly guarded until their release (or death).

    (adjective: worthless, foolish, useless, [as substantive] fool; from: brown water)
    (noun: prisoner, captive; from: hunt-one)

Defunct Rank
Dróttning: Viking Queen held by Gyda.

* indicates words created outside of Trigedasleng that do not have translations.
Updated: 05/07/18 (added Shilkru rank)