Profile of Vallkyrie: Quick Facts

Played By: Vami
Basic Info
Full Name: Vallkyrie Archer
Nickname: Kyr, Pikaluyik (Blue Sea Ice)
Subspecies: Mackenzie Valley Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 3 Yrs (06/13/2018)
Birthplace: The Empire, Torbine
Height: 32 inches.
Weight: 110 lbs.
At a Glance
An Archer through and through...
[Image: 1cbc1e299f19de00b9ce4aba622fb56f.gif]
Profile of Vallkyrie: Details
Vallkyrie is a wolf with a quite tall and leggy figure, slim and stream-line of delicately made curvature. A wolf designed for running, she would make for an excelling huntress or scout. Kyr is cloaked in a near solid black savor one thick stripping of stark opposite white, starting from the bottom of her chin all the way to her underside at her belly. Being black and white, any true color is from her eyes which are a piercing glacier blue. Yet still, they are so very pale they look almost to be silver at first glance. Vallkyrie carries herself in a rather graceful manner, with a quiet and sheer-footed step. Where she lives now in Neverwinter and hunts to the north, she carries the scent of evergreens and bits of sea.

"she was raven-dark -- her slender breast cloven by a river of white only about half as striking as her frost blue stare." - By: Ego
Bust credit to Jess!
Growing up within the Empire of Torbine, Vallkyrie is as proud and royal natured as any Archer wolf may be. At a young age and with a strict training, Vallkyrie has learned to become a very hardworking wolf, reliable with the task she is given. Though with where she has come from and how she was raised, this also leaves her to be both bold, stubborn and carrying a bit of a dominant nature. She is driven and longs to be both useful and needed amongst the ranks. As an adventurous sort and leaving her birth home as a yearling, she has grown to become very attentive of her surroundings and cautious of strangers. Respectful to all those she meets and honest to a fault. She expects the same values from those a part of her life and should this be tarnished it is hard to regain trust. Forgiving but never forgetting. Torbine native, Vallkyrie believes in 'The Gods of Old' but does not commonly preach them.
[Image: Cz7p-Oe-IUk-AEZi-Ex.jpg]

grandparents: Deacon Archer x Celestial Archer
parents: Revoke Archer x Dahlma Genesis
littermate: Valencia Archer
other on-site relations: Vidar
Pack History
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(02.07.20-02.18.21) Pledged,↑Theta,↑Eta,↑Zeta,↑Delta, ↑Gamma
Profile of Vallkyrie: Additional Information
Registered on October 31, 2019, last visited October 11, 2021, 08:45 PM
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Vallkyrie is a black-blooded wolf directly of the Torbine Empire. This bloodline was created and first established on Ruins of Wildwood where it exploded with many created characters site-wide. The family is very expansive so if you ever want one just let me know. For more information on the Archers, visit here.

During fights, Vallkyrie will receive +1 for her hunter/scout skill per this sparring method.
Player Notes
Gone by Vami since the dawn of time. Been on every kind of RP site you can think of. Most commonly known for Nutmeg (on Valoria), Rocket (WWS), Lemon & Gambit (Doutaini), & Elettra & Ravenna (RoW).

Banner credit to ZAELY.
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