Profile of Suzu: Quick Facts
sparkly Suzu avatar by Lieu <3
Sapphique Sapphire
Played By: Jess
Basic Info
Full Name: Berceuse "Suzu" Dahomey-Rivaini
Subspecies: Mixed
Size: Small, Overweight
Sex: Female
Gender: female
Pronouns: she/her
Age: 7 months (June 14, 2022)
Birthplace: Dragoncrest Cliffs
At a Glance
A mousy, ash-grey wolf, with lighter grey legs and face. Lilac eyes. Short, but thicccc
Profile of Suzu: Details
[Image: ksDgGyd.png]

Suzu's fur is a faded, ash-brown colour, though her face and legs will be a lighter shade of grey. She will have faint greyish guard hairs at her withers.

She is quite short, and exceptionally chubby after feasting on whalemeat for a season.

Her eyes are pale lilac.
Bright, inquisitive, full of questions, very talkative.
Profile of Suzu: Additional Information
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