Profile of Mintaka: Quick Facts
mista <3
Played By: Van
Basic Info
Full Name: Mintaka “Minty” Ostrega
Subspecies: Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 0 (05/07/20)
Birthplace: Moonspear
At a Glance
[img align=center][/img]
Profile of Mintaka: Details
upon first glance, one might find mintaka to be pretty. and she is, really - a bright silver that lightens toward her legs, and vibrant blue eyes. she is of average height and weight both, with long limbs and a body built to be a jack of all trades. [Image: v84l7Ic.png]
mintaka is certainly... different. expressive, bold, and enthusiastic, minty the great is a friend to all.
parents: dirge and hydra

older - antares, atlas, osiris, and vega
littermates - caelum, altair, and mira
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Registered on January 14, 2020, last visited January 18, 2021, 09:20 PM
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