Profile of Aquene: Quick Facts
Mate to Kallik
Played By: Tasha
Basic Info
Full Name: Aquene Ateneq
Subspecies: Canis Lupis Lycaon
Size: Medium, Athletic
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/Hers
Age: 4 years (April 15, 2019)
Birthplace: Cold Stone Trail, Canada (Outside of Teekon)
At a Glance
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Aquene is pronounced Ah-Queue-Ney.

Health Status: Aquene is currently malnourished and relatively weak, with a few wounds that are still recovering. Notably, a thick scar on her shoulder, and another on the top of her leg near her chest.
Profile of Aquene: Details
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Aquene is a medium sized Eastern Timber Wolf. She stands approximately 75 centimeters tall and 120 centimeters long with a weight of approximately 50 kilograms. Her fur is mostly black with natural greys and browns peaking out, particularly around her shoulder blades and muzzle. Her eyes are a deep chocolate brown in color. Due to the nature of her travels over the past two years and finesse, she is an athletic build. Muscular and fit, she is fast in a fight. Her coat is thicker than average as it is built for more northern climates. She is scrappy, and will do anything to win.

She usually sports a friendly smile, a wag of her tail and some kind words to those she meets... it is not uncommon to see her relaxed or deeply focused on her work. In either event, questions are always welcomed and she's more than willing to help. Natural herbal scents cling to her pelt along with the faintest scent of dirt due to the nature of her job.
Aquene is very reliable. Trained as a healer, she feels she needs to be. She's clever, taught by her mother to use her words to get her out of situations rather than her teeth and to remain emotionally poised under even the most difficult of circumstances. However, this is not always successful. Significant trauma in her life has made her touchy to certain subjects.

She is not the type to fly off the handle, not unless it is a trauma response to get herself out of danger. She's trustworthy and caring. She simply wants to bring out the best in others and she always tells the truth.

She believes that lies only bring pain and misery. That being said, she shelters the truth of her own past from those around her. Fear and misogynic were instilled in her from a young age. She was lesser, weaker... she finds that she is a much better listener than a talker as a result.

It is seldom known that Aquene speaks Russian in addition to common. She stopped using the language personally when she fled her home, however she can still understand and maintains some rusty level of fluency. Occasionally, Russian words slip out in her vocabulary, though most of the time she remains unaware of her code-switching.
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Art Credit @Liv <3
TW: Abusive Relationship
She wished her story could be a happy one. Aquene was raised in a militant pack under the rule of her father, Karpos. His wife, Natalia, was the pack's main healer, responsible for training all of the other women in the arts. Aquene was his firstborn daughter. She was born in a brood with three brothers, meaning she received the least attention from her father. Her mother nurtured her and raised her. She learned healing from a young age, and while the work was difficult, she was dedicated.

Her brothers were not so lucky... at just nine months of age, her father decided they were fit for battle. They went out to fight too young, and only one made it home... his wounds soon took him after. She grieved, but she forced herself to repress the emotions that swam inside her to care for her mother, pregnant with a new brood of pups for her father to push to their deaths... the grief and birthing complications where Aquene could not flip the child resulted in her mother bleeding out in front of her. Luckily, Aquene managed to save the lives of her siblings.

With the loss of her mother, the deaths of her brothers, and the far too young ages of her siblings... attention finally turned to her. She wished it hadn't. Her father demanded her marriage to a bloodthirsty man named Dimitri, her father's second. Together, they would be expected to become the next monarchs. She would be expected to teach the females healing as her mother had, and her husband-to-be expected to train the soldiers and continue their quest for conquest.

Their engagement involved harsh and cruel treatment that Aquene does not talk about. Repression had always been her best survivial instinct. The marriage was on the horizon. She did not expect to live much longer than her mother did... truthfully, she did not expect to live beyond the birth of their first litter... perhaps to their first year at most. She took herbs to suppress her heat when it came for fear he would not wait to consummate until after their wedding. Her friend Chenoa helped her escape, fleeing under the cover of darkness and never looking back the night before her intended wedding.
Parents Karpos and Natalia
Littermates Peyter, Rozovsky, Alexandr
Younger Siblings Kaliska, Ciqala, Andrei, Issak

Husband Kallik Nanurjuk Ateneq
Ex-fiancé Dimitri "Virion" Callas*
Children Nanuq Ateneq and Siku Ateneq (May 11, 2022)
Pack History
April 2019 to June 2021

Pup - Until April 2020
Shaman - Until August 2020
Princesse Inherite - Until June 2021
June 2021 - December 2021

December 2021 to Present

Plebian - Until March 2022
Equestrian - Until October 2022
Matrona - Until December 2022
December 2022 to Present
Profile of Aquene: Additional Information
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Art Credits
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Aquene's Signature
Aquene speaks both русский язык and Common. She does not carry a Russian accent. Her knowledge of Russian is not common knowledge.
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