Profile of Bhediya: Quick Facts
Uaine Gorsedd

Basic Info
Full Name: Bhediya
Pronounced: BAY-dee-yuh
Previously Known As: Akuti, Khoe

Subspecies: c.l. familiaris x c.l. himalayensis
Sex: Female
Age: 4 (december 2014)
Birthplace: south of the teekon
At A Glance

small, fragile.
effortless, carefree.
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Profile of Bhediya: Details
Of the many pups her parents produced, Bhediya was one of the few to not eventually adopt their signature merle coat. Rather, she was born and remained a striking onyx, the perfect contrast to her soft green gaze. Bhediya's coat follows a loose wave during the summer months but tightens to a proper curl after thickening.

Although fully grown, Bhediya is dwarfed by almost everyone due to her mixed pedigree. Despite this, she walks with a high head and higher tail to communicate her unbreakable confidence.
Profile of Bhediya: Additional Information
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