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Full Name: Enkhtuya Erdene ni Tokhura'ut
Subspecies: Alaskan Tundra Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 1 year (Dec. 1st 2018)
Birthplace: Alaska
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Enkhtuya is currently away. Reason: mourning, irritated, overwhelmed
Away Since: February 21, 2020 — Returns on: Unknown

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”to live in fear is no life at all”

A pale frosty girl, fur tinted with a hint of golden. Broad shoulders and a looming figure. Silver eyes. Quite large in size, and fairly muscular.
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Warrior Princess of her Northern clan, raised with a right to the throne until the clan was split by blizzard, leading her to journey South.
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Cool, calm and collected. A master of self-control, who does not often give in to recklessness. Values peace and finds joy in quiet.
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”peace comes from within. do not seek it without.”

Raised in the Northern tribe of the Tokhura'ut, she was taught to value both peace and strength. Trained to have the skills of a warrior, but only use them if necessary, opting for kindness and patience whenever possible. The girl had a right to the throne, as Gonji, the princess, but this did not mean she was pampered. If anything, she was trained more fiercely than the rest. 
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The untouchable daughter of the emperor, at nine months, was betrothed to a slightly older boy. Tuya did not resist- no, she fell for him quite quickly as he charmed her. But a blizzard, more fearsome than ever seen before, struck the lands during a pack hunt. The tribe attempted to find eachother in the midst of the whiteout, but most lost their way and Tokhura'ut was split.
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Though she tried her hardest to find her people, it seemed to be in vain. The princess lost her drive after weeks, and began to journey to the South, hoping to making a temporary life there and return to the North when she could search more efficiently. Upon arriving in the Wilds, a girl from the taiga offers her a home in forming Skairipa, and she agrees, finally being able to settle in.
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enkhtuya's concept & culture is very loosely based on mongolian culture
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