Profile of Damien: Quick Facts
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Basic Info
Full Name: Damien Mehrunes Melonii
Subspecies: 50% Arctic Wolf, 50% Mackenzie Valley Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 4 (December 15, 2014)
Birthplace: Blackfeather Woods
At A Glance

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Profile of Damien: Details

A shadow born of darkness herself. Damien is black as night, a trait inherited from his mother. Like Meldresi's, Damien's coat reflects blue hues under the moonlight, it's deep midnight black interrupted only by his stark white eyes inherited from his sire. In his shoulder a mark that Damien wears with pride scars his skin; in the rough form of a spider it symbolizes Damien's pass to adulthood and undying loyalty to his birth-pack and it's morals.

Damien's body has grown into an impressively muscular and broadly built adult. He has, indeed, become the beast he was destined to be as the biggest and strongest of the litter. He's larger than most adults, and his resemblance to his handsome father is undeniable. If the observer ignores the sharp scar that splits Damien's face in two, they will will find his edgy features to be wickedly glorious.

[Image: wHXnfuN.png]
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  • The first thing that catches the eye is a red paw dyed on Damien's left shoulder. It symbolizes Damien's membership in the Dark Brotherhood, and thus he carries it with pride.
  • A circle with eight "legs" around it decorates Damien's left shoulder. A spider drawn by his mother to symbolize his pass to adulthood and into the life of the Dark Brotherhood. To him, a symbol of his loyalty towards his family, pack, and morals.
  • His right lip and left eyebrow still have visible scars from what used to be a long line connecting both ends. He got it from Grimnir when he escaped Damien's vengeful imprisonment.
  • A scar behind his left ear reminds him of the incident that took his memories in the winter of 2016. He is not aware yet of this mark but it is clearly visible through his fur.
  • Scratch marks over and under his left eye from a violent encounter with an old warrior.


“The Architect” INTJ-T
Role: Analyst  —  Strategy: Constant Improvement

62% Introverted — 56% Intuitive — 86% Thinking — 69% Judging — 54% Turbulent
cruel - sadistic - careless - paranoid - reckless - impulsive - short-tempered
aggressive - volatile - unpredictable - narcissistic - brooding
manipulative - jealous - obsessive - competitive

Lawful Evil  —  The Noble Demon

Although he puts up a tough demeanor, deep down Damien actually cares; he just has a lot of difficulty showing it. He is deceiving, but has a sense of honor and will not go back on his word although he'll always look for loopholes in the deals he makes. He will only keep people around him if it suits his needs, putting usefulness before pleasure. Vengeful and power-hungry, he will stop at nothing to achieve his ends and remove those who stand in his way. However, this hunger for power actually hides a deep fear of being alone due to the trauma of repeatedly losing those he loves throughout his life.

Damien rarely gets made a fool out of and doesn't like to be either. He is rarely caught off guard. Damien is highly intelligent, cunning, calculating, thinks of contingencies, he (secretly) admits he makes mistakes and learns from them as well, and that often results in him being two steps ahead.

Despite being manipulative, Damien does not like being lied to or manipulated. He does not take being betrayed very well, especially if it is from a member of his family. He is not tolerant of people who disappoint him in general and has no tolerance for disloyalty whatsoever. The dark prince is not a very compassionate wolf and he rarely forgives those who wrong him.

Voice and FC
Michael Fassbender as Macbeth


Pack History

- Full Family Tree -

Alive | Dead | Unknown

Bane Blackfeather ♂ & Meldresi Melonii

Cicero Sheogorath Melonii ♂ & Potema Vaermina Melonii
• (07/10/2015) Pietro Hircine Rochester ♂ & Kendra Boethiah Rochester(via Meldresi)

Nyx Apaata

• (04/05/2019) Lumiya Meridia Melonii ♀, Revan Malacath Melonii ♂, Venamis Molag Melonii ♂, Zannah Mephala Melonii

Miraak Melonii, Megara Melonii(Aunts & Uncles via Meldresi)
Airi ♀, Kaori ♀ & Shiori Draconid(Daughters via Asterr Draconid)
Koume Azura Melonii ♀, Kotake Nocturnal Melonii ♀, Vaati Clavicus Melonii ♂, Ganondorf Molag Melonii ♂ — (Nieces & Nephews via Potema)
Euron Jyggalag Melonii ♂, Maegi Peryite Melonii ♀, Ramsay Malacath Melonii ♂ — (Nieces & Nephews via Potema/Cicero)
Averna Tamriel Melonii ♀, Astara Lis Melonii ♀ — (Nieces via Cicero)
Midar, Malcanthet, Moath, Moira, Marruz(Cousins)

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( Jul 31, 2018 — present )

( Jun 04 2018 — Jul 31, 2018 )


Soul Shriven
( Mar 03, 2018 — May 24, 2018 )


( Jan 31, 2018 — Mar 01, 2018 )


Spiderling — Dark Master
( Dec 15, 2014 — Nov 10, 2017 )

Birth (Dec 15, 2014)
Joins Adult Ranks (Sep 15, 2015)
Officially marked as Adult (Sep 27, 2015)
Claims Pack (Jun 05, 2016)
Falls to Madness (Late 2017)


( Nov 28, 2016 — Dec 28, 2016 )

[Image: warrior_master.gif][Image: chronicler_master.gif]

Mercenary (May 25, 2015)
Warrior (in progress)
Tactician (in progress)

Chronicler (Oct 04, 2015)
Historian (Aug 22, 2018)

Profile of Damien: Additional Information

Damien's middle name comes from Mehrunes Dagon, a Daedric Prince whose spheres are destruction, change, revolution, energy, and ambition. And like his middle name, Damien's religion was inspired by The Elder Scrolls Saga and The Dark Brotherhood.

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