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Master Guardian
Mate to Mallaidh
Played By: remus
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April 11, 2019 — Unknown
Basic Info
Full Name: Blixen Vixen Drakru
Subspecies: Wolf Mix
Sex: Female
Age: 2 (March 20th, 2017)
Birthplace: Drageda
At a Glance
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currently out of the teekons.
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image by alex <3

thanks to her mother's and grandmother's genes, the guardian spirit is the spitting image of an ethiopian wolf. she's growing to be slight of stature and long of limb, with a ticked red coat shaded by creamy white belly and black dipped tail. her eyes are a darkened amber. three jagged scars run across her chest, courtesy of a run in with a bear.

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pisces -- estp -- judgement

let’s live suddenly without thinking

under honest trees,
a stream
does.the brain of cleverly-crinkling
-water pursues the angry dream
of the shore. By midnight,
a moon
scratches the skin of the organised hills

an edged nothing begins to prune

let’s live like the light that kills
and let’s as silence,
because Whirl’s after all:
(after me)love,and after you.
I occasionally feel vague how
vague idon’t know tenuous Now-
spears and The Then-arrows making do
our mouths something red,something tall
-- lets live suddenly and without thinking ee cummings

face/voice claim: hinoka, fire emblem fates
x steal the lake from the water - adult mom
x survival - adult mom
x thunderbird - b.b.
x hello sunshine - super furry animals

blixen was born in drageda to thuringwethil and wildfire, alongside brothers artaax and bobby, and the deceased antler and phoenix. her childhood was relatively picturesque until wildfire was captured by blackfeather woods. the helplessness she felt in the face of this tragedy pushed the young goufa to start training with her nomi as a gona, or warrior, so that she might keep the rest of her family safe.

in the midst of the search for her mother, two drageda wolves, eske and étoille, returned with a girl the same age as blix, who introduced herself as furi. blix, who was never very good at dealing with her feelings, developed a habit of putting her foot in her mouth immediately around her -- but somehow, they became friends. this friendship would not be without tensions, for furi was still an "outsider" to drageda's customs, and the pair tended to clash over blixen's tendencies towards distrust and loyalty to drageda's culture.

complicating things further, drageda continued to search for wildfire. having become a gona, and a hotheaded teen to boot, blix demanded to join the drageda scouting trip to visit the redhawks, widlfire's familial pack. nomi relented, and blixen joined the adults alongside artaax and furi. drageda's scouting trip arrives at redhawk caldera at the same time as wildfire, freshly escaped from her imprisonment in the woods. drageda remained with rhc briefly (where blix met her mother's side of the family, including towhee, a budding master warrior), but ultimately decide to leave without wildfire so that she may heal. this decision did not sit well with blixen.

furi and blixen continued to bond -- blixen finally apologized for being a bit of a dip -- and her feelings for her friend began to blossom into something more, though she didn't realize what that was. enter: rose, the slightly older, hotter version of blix that furi brought to drageda, having promised her she could join without consulting blixen. this caused A LOT OF BAD FEELINGS all around, especially when arrille, a young boy blix and furi encountered while scouting together, also showed up demanding a spot in drageda. furi and blixen fought, sort of made up, rose and blixen reached an uneasy truce, and nomi announced drageda was going to war.

after talking about war and feelings with nomi, blix began to realize what her feelings for furi truly were. drageda returned to redhawk caldera to join them before descending on the woods. being the impulsive creature she is, blix sought out furi before the fight began, and confessed her feelings. furi returned them, seemingly. the war is fought while blix sat on the sidelines, babysitting redhawk's young children, much to her chagrin.

the war ultimately revealed a new enemy of drageda -- the wolves that had taken up hold in the sound, calling themselves grimnismal. they learn that arrille had abandoned drageda and sold them out to the sound-wolves. this does not go over well. blixen, artaax, and furi get into a fight with arrille, ingram, and lycaon of grimnismal, broken up by an older wolf from the sound who spoke drageda's language and claimed to know nomi. now aware of the threat from their neighbors and feeling that she'd honed her skills enough, blixen declared her intention to become cheka for nomi, though she was rejected and told to train with eske instead. unbeknownst to blixen, rose had been captured by grimnismal; ingram, one of the wolves from the fight, brought her back to them.

at least she had furi. blix, convinced their relationship was in fact a relationship, tells nomi and wildfire, returned to drageda, about it. unfortunately, this proved to be their undoing, for furi panicked and broke up with blix. hurt and confused, blix went looking for a fight and found ingram, but he turned out to be too nice of a dude to really fight. so she tried to fight rose instead, only to be read to filth for her immaturity in the situation. realizing, finally, that she'd been making some bad assumptions about everyone around her, blix decided to try working on being more empathetic.

wildfire gives birth to her younger siblings: tux, silkie, kiwi and bat.

while trying to mend things with furi, the pair run into wildfire, who was upset with furi for breaking her daughter's heart (was never really a fan in the first place, honestly). furi, spooked, flees; blix does not realize furi's left drageda entirely until later. however, she refused to accept that furi might be natrona, and convinced nomi to let her go look for her wayward ex.

this is delayed by a fight with a bear that chased their neighbors out of the sound, leaving blixen with a mild concussion and some nasty scars.

once she was recovered enough, she set out with branwen, until a lightening storm triggers her and she in her panic becomes separated and lost. she's found by a group of cute girls: saarthal, max, and varinril, who, unknown to her, have been traveling with furi, now going by mallaidh. they took her in and she reunited briefly with mallaidh. they have a big talk. blixen returned to drageda without her, but lied to nomi, protecting her from being labeled natrona.

whatever uneasy peace might be upon them is interrupted by nomi falling from the cliffs and taking ill. while she was recovering, a group from trigeda arrived and informed them that war has fallen maugeda and heda was needed. nomi departed once she was recovered enough, leaving blixen in charge alongside dio and helix, who arrived with the group. furi, who blixen promised could rejoin them at any time, brings back her little sister after she got lost. blix again reaffirms her and her friends are welcome back at drageda, and at last, max, varinril, and mallaidh do return.

wildfire, during nomi's absence, left drageda without a goodbye, taking kiwi and sequoia. bat had long since disappeared. her mother's betrayal wounded blixen greatly, who disavows wildfire as her mother entirely. shortly after her departure, portia, drageda's other mother, dies as well. nomi returned to an injured drageda and a guilt-stricken blixen, but the future is relentless. nomi decided that it was time for drageda to expand and instructs blixen to lead the new branch within the teekons. they begin scouting for a location, and blixen, wanting to stay close, desired the sound; but the wolves of grimnismal return under the name rusalka, and blixen, uninterested in another war, gives up the idea, focusing on the tangle instead.

during a tangle exploration, blixen and mallaidh finally consummate their relationship. however, just like before, the threat from the sound remains a problem. nomi takes one of theirs captive, a woman named rosalyn who was a former natrona of drageda. coincidental to this, a man from rusalka named eurycrates attempts to invade their borders (joined unexpectedly by a young girl named raleska) only to be halted by mallaidh, blixen, ephraim, and opalia. caiaphas, siren queen of the sound, shrewdly took advantage of this to attempt an invasion of drageda. after mallaidh killed eurycrates, she and blixen managed to capture raleska and dragged her to the site of the invasion, attempting to leverage her to force rusalka to back off. at any rate, rusalka is driven back, but not destroyed -- something which ultimately contributes to drageda's undoing.

nomi decided to release rosalyn their captive, a political decision blixen was not privy to. blixen and mallaidh finally become mates; for a moment, it seems things will be peaceful.

then nomi dies, flinging herself from the cliffs at the orders of the former commanders.

unable to cope with the grief or the loss of heda, blixen -- and drageda along with her -- began to splinter at the seams. though she did her best to keep them all together, she was unable to handle the trauma and deal with the threat of rusalka. after her cheka, vercingetorix, was heavily wounded by rusalka wolves, blixen and dio made the decision to return to trigeda and join the new heda there, while some of her kru elected to remain in the teekons.

on the first of april, blixen, dio, mallaidh, artaax, tux, bobby, and tirgatao left the teekons for trigeda.

parents: wildfire (w/ dio), thuringwethil
littermates: antler, artaax, phoenix,
younger siblings: bat, silkie, kiwi, tux

mate: furi

Pack History
DRAGEDAgoufa, kru, ↑ gona, ↑ shiikru, ↑ commander, ↓ fleimkepa, ↑ wormana

[Image: warrior.gif] earned 10.10.17
-- guardian earned 03.12.18
-- mastery earned 12.20.18

[Image: naturalist.gif] earned 12.15.17

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