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Basic Info
Full Name: Sagittaria "Sarah" Redleaf-DiSarinno
Subspecies: Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 3 years (Mid-May 2016)
Birthplace: Donnelaith
At A Glance
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Profile of Sarah: Details
Sarah has grown up to be tall and lean and bears resemblence with her father Dante. Silver-grey eyes. In Summer of 2018 she suffered in a forest fire and bears burn marks on her feet and left side of the face. The wounds have healed, but the patches remain bald.

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Sarah is a "no-nonesense" kind of person. She has a very serious outlook on life ever since she reached adolescence, a business-like and reserved attitude to most people, who are not very close, and she does not understand jokes. Occasionally she opens up to that handful of people she really trusts and shows her softer side. Hard-working and very driven to be the best at everything she does. Her determination earned her a leading position in her parent's pack, when she entered adulthood.
For the first four months of her life she resided in Donnelaith, Teekon Wilds, and later she led a nomadic lifestyle, traveling extensively with her parents through the Southern regions, until settling down at one place, when Osprey was about to give birth to her second litter. The months spent wandering weren't particularly easy and in part forced Sarah to grow up more quickly than she should have in stable environment.

For almost two years she helped to lead her family pack alongside Dante, was in charge of hunting parties and guarding, and when time permitted she spent time teaching and raising her younger siblings. Though she did not reveal it to anyone, she misses Terance and Wraen dearly.

At the end of summer 2018 a massive forest fire hit the place, where she resided with her family, splitting the pack up and leaving her on her own. Reasons will be uncovered ICly.
Pack History
Mother: Osprey Redleaf-DiSarinno
Father: Dante Cor Obscuri

Brother: Terance Redleaf-DiSarinno
Sister: Wraen Redleaf-DiSarinno

Siblings 2017:
Brother: Coriander (Cori)
Sisters: Maia and Cassandra (Cassie)

Siblings 2018:
Brother: Janus
Sisters: Junona and Jupiter
Donnelaith - May 11th 2016 - Sept. 2nd 2016

Nomad/Osprey's and Dante's pack - Sept 2nd 2016 - August 2018

Lone wolf - August 2018 - December 2018

Lost Creek Hollow - December 2018 - November 2019

Uaine Gorsedd - November 2019 - present
Profile of Sarah: Additional Information
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