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Full Name: Gannet Redhawk
Subspecies: Eastern Timber, Mackenzie Valley, etc
Sex: Male
Age: 3 (2.29.2016)
Birthplace: Redhawk Caldera
At A Glance
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Profile of Gannet: Details
White with black forming tall rear socks and front toes.
Silvery grey eyes. Medium build.
Due to a broken right rear leg, Gannet will walk with a permenant noticeable limp.

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Gannet was born in Redhawk Caldera as one of four, though they would number two all too quickly. He was a quiet boy who grew into a quiet adult, and even with the death of his close brother Peter, he was for the most part unchanged. Life is as life does.

One thing he did pick up was a deep mistrust of strangers, fed by his parents' territorial natures. It extended only to a deeper protection of the Caldera (strangers outside were only a curiosity to him, no threat) but the idea of the monster that took Peter might return was good motivation.

Soon after the birth of his new siblings/death of his mother, a large snow hit. During this time, he disappeared, lost in a ravine that was obscured by heavy snow. By the time he got out, he no longer knew which way was home, and was forced to wander alone. Fortunately he met a temporary pack who allowed him to run with them for a while, and after departing from them, he finally saw a familiar mountain on the horizon.

After living with his family a while longer, he came across Screech being chased on the Moonspear borders. He intervened and his leg was broken, and he became a prisoner on the mountain. The healing went wrong and left him with a permanent limp, but he made a friend of Hydra and chose to remain there after healing. However, the rest of the pack did not quite accept him as readily, and he felt isolated. He chose later to leave with his brother Whip and travel.

After a while of learning from his brother and sharing his company, Gannet decided to return, and took up residence in Lost Creek Hollow after a chance encounter with Liffey.
Pack History

Nightjar, Wildfire, Raven
Ferret, Peter Pan, Whip-poor-will *
Oriole, Orca, Titmouse, Towhee, Phox, Stoat

Adopted SonAshlar
Redhawk Caldera
— Born (2/2016)
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Gannet's face and body are open books; you are more than welcome to distinctly notice any emotion written in his posts.
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