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Full Name: Atwood Singing-Sunlight Shakti
Subspecies: wolf mix
Sex: Male
Age: .25 (04/26/2019)
Birthplace: Elysium
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fineboned, dainty and delicate as his mothers, atwood cuts a small, shy figure, fox-like. earth colored, his coat is ochre cream with a rich sienna cape, darkening to near black across his spine and neck. inherited from his sire, a cream star adorns his throat. his eyes are seaglass-teal -- gentle as his expression, which, due to his eyebrow markings, often appears more somber than he actually is.

[Image: cjmvBe3.gif]

“i am air and thought and can do nothing.”

so much soul in so little frame, atwood takes after ariel, his mothersire. his natural inclinations towards the poetical, his drive to observe the world around him, and his melancholy come honestly to him -- time will unveil the rest.

born alongside brothers sundance & reif to ariel, seabreeze, and olive, in the sacred space of elysium.
ariel singing-sunlight, olive shakti, seabreeze - mothers
↳ 05/19 reif, sundance - brothers

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