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Full Name: Fern
Subspecies: Wolfdog
Sex: Female
Age: 2 (Spring 2018)
Birthplace: Undersea
At A Glance

diminutive tan-on-white wolf mix who appears a great deal younger than she is. scars across her chest, hip, and nape; most obviously her right hind limb is amputated at the knee.

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She is a confusing intersect of wild and domestic, wolf draped over with softness and dulled instinct. Her face is the fine-chiseled one of a wolf, but atop her crown perch feathered, drooping ears that thoroughly undermine and sort of attempt at fierceness. Her neck and back are draped in the soft, longer-than-average fur of her mother, while her limbs are short-furred and taper to a wolf's paws. Tail hangs naturally low in contrast to her wild-blooded kin, giving the constant impression of meekness. Fern's adult coat reveals the same red-on-white pattern as her mother, yet not as distinct and interrupted here and there with charcoal smatterings more fitting to a wolf's coat. Her eyes, however, mirror greatly her mothers, wide and chestnut and lit with easy happiness. around her throat is a red collar, with a short length of leash still attached.

deep scar across her hip, and her hind right leg is amputated at the knee. nervous, plagued by nightmares.

birth to five months, a refuge and the perfect place to grow. she is born to poppy alongside brother mur; however her collie mother dies in childbirth. and idyllic five months are spent on wheeling gull isle, before she is swept to the mainland and lost. [tbc]

fern swam too far and lost her way, heading deep inland. she wanders for a time, joining a small group before returning to Teekon and joining the fledgling Kaistleoki. tbc]

she wanders too far and loses her way, making her way to a human village. through a series of fortunate events she is adopted, and grows to adapt to life as the family dog fairly well. but the freedom of the wild calls, and once more does the wayfaring wolfdog return to teekon.

return, I
shortly after finding her way back, the girl witnesses the murder of a girl by a rabid man. distraught, she inadvertently trespasses and is brutally attacked by two pack-wolves. entirely disillusioned with pack life, she flees back to the human family she'd abandoned.

return, II
she finds human once more, though not the family she'd left. her life is alright, not quite content, and not quite unbearable. she is grown tired of, and comes to be deposited once more in the vicinity of the Teekon Wilds, finding her way back into them early into her second year of life.

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