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The Melonii

Basic Info
Full Name: Vaati Clavicus Melonii ☿
Subspecies: Mackenzie Valley x Arctic x Unkown Papa Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 1 (December 21, 2016)
Birthplace: Blackfeather Woods
At A Glance
[Image: tumblr_o9cphvJjWW1sc0ffqo1_500.gif]
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Profile of Vaati: Details

A beast of mammoth proportions (ok that's an exaggeration but u get what i mean... he swole AF), Vaati is clad primarily in platinum silver fur. The pale fur is interrupted only by a dark sandy colour under his eyes. This colour is also found from his lower jaw to his groin, covering his whole stomach, as well as his tail tip and front toes: a genetic feature inherited from his biological father. His eyes - while currently a soft, puppy blue - will one day grow into a piercing Caribbean blue, with a slightly darker blue around his irises. Vaati will grow to a stocky, immense size like his father and grandfather [Bane] before him, and as he ages, he will find that his size will be the thing to slow him down. Vaati currently sports a decently-sized scar on his face and much more through his body, due to this encounter.
[Image: Vaati_headshot_2.png?width=225&height=270]

"will you not yield to immortal gods?"

"that nightmare cannot die, being eternal
evil itself — horror, and pain, and chaos."
— the secrets of the odyssey: the sirens, scylla & charybdis and thrinacia.

INTJ — "The Architect" · Bear
Lawful Evil · The Archer · Sadist · Pragmatic Villiany · Chessmaster · Dragon-In-Chief · The Chariot · ♫ Icky Thump

Crafty, tenacious and rather blunt; a warlord in the making. An acute observer with a mind as sharp as a knife. Utterly detached and void of mercy; Clavicus values nothing but his own tooth and claw, and saves none from its wrath. Firm believer in elitism. In the past few months, Vaati has grown callous and dismissive, making it quite clear that he authentically values very little in life beyond power and recognition, and while there are many surrounding him he values, he can perfectly well survive without. Unpredictable and untempered following Blackfeather's eviction from the dark woods and his subsequent dethronement. It should be abundantly clear that Vaati is a soul that harbours very little empathy for the fate of others, the exception being, for when it works in his favour. See: Ambition-Is-Evil. One can only assume to know what the tyrant king thinks, believes, and acts on underneath his steely dexterity; adopting a silent, calculative nature whilst he plans the complete and total destruction of his enemies. To put a long story short, Vaati is a "take-no-bullshit" type of guy unless said bullshit works in his favour. However, it can be said that he is an avid adventurer with a desire to fulfil what life has to offer, unsettled when stationed in one spot for too long. It is likely that Vaati will not speak at length unless he has something important to say. He much rather prefers to express his intent by cutting down those who stand in his way, and is not afraid to lower himself (morally) in order to achieve what he wants. As relationships go, you may not find Vaati with many friends - as he has likely disposed of them once they have run out of usefulness. To be fleshed out further via roleplay.
"Any man who must say 'I am the king' is no true king. I'll make sure you understand that when I've won your war for you."
Pack History
PARENTS: Kjalarr x Potema
SIBLINGS: Ganondorf ♂, Koume ♀, Kotake ♀.
[2017] Maegi ♀, Euron ♂, Ramsay ♂.
[via kjalarr] Arrille
UNCLES: Damien, Cicero.
EXTENDED: Meldresi ♀, Miraak ♂.

OFFSPRING: coming 2019!




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In the event that a thread is left idle for an extended period of time, you may PP Vaati in any capacity except for death/major injuries (eye, limb loss, etc). In the event that Vaati goes inactive, please assume he has left the game.