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Lone Wolves

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Full Name: Vaati Clavicus Melonii 鈽
Subspecies: Mackenzie Valley x Arctic x Unkown Papa Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 4 LOL I MISCOUNTED (December 21, 2016)
Birthplace: Blackfeather Woods
At A Glance
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Quote:Brute and scary with the gaze of a frozen lake, trapping and killing everything in it.

A beast of mammoth proportions (ok that's an exaggeration but u get what i mean... he swole AF), Vaati is clad primarily in platinum silver fur. The pale fur is interrupted only by a dark sandy colour under his eyes. This colour is also found from his lower jaw to his groin, covering his whole stomach, as well as his tail tip and front toes: a genetic feature inherited from his biological father. His eyes - while currently a soft, puppy blue - will one day grow into a piercing Caribbean blue, with a slightly darker blue around his irises. Vaati will grow to a stocky, immense size like his father and grandfather [Bane] before him, and as he ages, he will find that his size will be the thing to slow him down. Vaati currently sports a decently-sized scar on his face and much more through his body, due to this encounter.

Most notably, Vaati bares a collar-like scar that wraps around most of his neck 鈥 a result of one of many chaotic adventures.

"will you not yield to immortal gods?"

"that nightmare cannot die, being eternal
evil itself 鈥 horror, and pain, and chaos."
鈥 the secrets of the odyssey: the sirens, scylla & charybdis and thrinacia.

Crafty, tenacious and rather blunt; a warlord in the making. An acute observer with a sharp mind who carries himself with a cautionary edge, making it abundantly clear that he is not one to be messed with. Utterly detached and void of mercy; Clavicus values little other than his own tooth and claw, and spares none from its wrath. Firm believer in elitism. He makes no apologies for who he is nor the crimes he commits, for the lack of many basic morals leaves him without the burden of a guilty conscious. Unlike many villainous characters, Vaati fully aware that he is not a good person, nor does he try to be. Rather than change what he cannot about himself, he wholeheartedly embraces the worst parts of his primal nature to reap the benefits of it. As a lawful evil, Vaati enjoys an order to life but cannot be concerned with how it is obtained. Often plays the role of the right-hand-man, carefully crafting the world around him to work in the favour of himself and those he deems worthy of his time. To be fleshed out further via roleplay. NOTE: Vaati will now be played out as primal as possible, relying on heavy body language rather than verbal communication.
vaati was the result of a spontaneous tryst between potema melonii and kjalarr lodbrok, and born on a random day in the middle of winter. he was birthed alongside 3 litter-mates whose statuses are all presently unknown (alive, dead, who knows??) as kids, him and his brother almost did the dirty once #gay #incest. as a teen, vaati kidnapped his future wife and babymama, cassiopeia svartell. they were super toxic together #powercouple. vaati eventually climbed the ranks to become the leader of Blackfeather Woods but he was shit at his job and started a war, which ended in his exile. he started a love affair with alya and then got beat up by her sister, hydra ostrga after attacking her lame friend rannoch and then ran away [off game] only to return and join Rusalka. at one point he became alpha of rusalka?? don't know how that happened lol. anyways now he's retired and his wife is dead, but hey at least he has a few kids through various women to continue on his cursed bloodline of treachery, tyranny and villainy!
Pack History

PARENTS: Kjalarr x Potema
SIBLINGS: Ganondorf 鈾, Koume 鈾, Kotake 鈾.
[2017] Maegi 鈾, Euron 鈾, Ramsay 鈾.
[via kjalarr] Arrille
UNCLES: Damien, Cicero.
EXTENDED: Meldresi 鈾, Miraak 鈾.

OFFSPRING: Tizir 鈾, Xizur 鈾 [via grezig]
Scylla 鈾, Hela 鈾 [via cassiopeia]
unknown male 鈾 Praomina 鈾, Xiaala 鈾, Zuyira 鈾[via cassiopeia]
Kaz'reth 鈾 & Kol 鈾俒via unknown mama]
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jal @ vaati 99.9% of the time:

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for the sins of the unworthy
must be baptized in blood & fear
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