Profile of Lucius: Quick Facts
Played By: The System
Basic Info
Full Name: Lucius
Subspecies: Coyote
Size: Small, Lanky
Sex: Male
Gender: Male
Pronouns: He/Him
Age: 1 year 3 months (April 2nd 2021)
Birthplace: Outside the Teekons
At a Glance
Small, nervous-looking coyote colored in dusty grays and beige, with pale purple eyes.
Profile of Lucius: Details
[Image: Untitled388_20220419192507.png]

Lucius is a small male coyote, standing 24 inches tall at the shoulder and weighing roughly 30 pounds. He is mostly a dusty gray color, faded into beige along his sides, belly, and upper legs. His lower legs and paws are a muted charcoal. He has pale purple eyes.
Chaotic Neutral


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Negative Traits


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Year One


Parents: Mother, Father

Siblings: wip
Pack History
Loner — Summer 2022 to
Profile of Lucius: Additional Information
Registered on June 09, 2022, last visited September 19, 2022, 03:17 PM
Art Credits
Appearance art by Box <3
Lucius's Signature
"Common." · "Norwegian."

Physical Health (100/100)

Lucius is healthy.

Mental Health (90/100)

Lucius is currently experiencing some anxiety.
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