Profile of Elentari: Quick Facts
Snow--Chan @DeviantArt
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October 30, 2023 — Unknown
Basic Info
Full Name: Elentari Stormborn Archer
Subspecies: Various
Size: Medium, Athletic
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/Her
Age: 2 (September 13, 2020)
Birthplace: Torbine
At a Glance
Of an athletic build and an average stature, she wears a coat of pitch black. Variants of silver and gray settle down her nape, extending towards her sides and tail. Her eyes are a harsh steel blue.
*Reference by Snow--Chan@DeviantArt*
Profile of Elentari: Details
Jet black, silver & gray fur. Sharp, steel blue eyes.
To be developed IC.
Father: Ragnar Stormborn
Mother: Sindri Swiftkill
Siblings: Many
Lovers: Sialuk Ostrega & Argent Sandraudiga
Children: Acrux & *Maggak Ostrega
Pack History

Profile of Elentari: Additional Information
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Although Stormborn was her surname at birth, Elentari has adopted the Archer name in honor of her lineage. A testament to her late maternal great grandmother, Elttera Archer.
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