Profile of Faele: Quick Facts
Moonglow Kappa
Played By: Faele
Basic Info
Full Name: Faele Frostfur
Subspecies: Gray Wolf mix
Size: Small, Pudgy
Sex: Female
Age: 1 (Feb 14th, 2021)
Birthplace: Frosthawks
Profile of Faele: Details
Small in size and rounded with all the right fluff and love. Short, stubby ears sit on her head with tiny black tips against a cotton, monochrome body. Soft gray clouds for a coat of silver and dove, kissed with a warm tinge across the top of her muzzle. Topped off with light hazel eyes, kind as her soul.
INFJ-T | Jittery | Polite | Shy | Clutz | Timid | Sympathetic | Gullible | Obedient
Far out of her zone, she's come far from her homelands in search of new life with her family. Talks like falling snow in a flurry; fast and quick, soft as could be. Constantly teetering or stiff, she is sure to make a verbal blizzard of things with her constant anxiety and bubbly nature.

Affectionate and goofy, shy in the loudest of ways.

With any open chance, she'll do her best to help around; though, needs strict direction and guidance in order to feel confident in decisions. Does her best to be the future doting wife her mother wants her to be in hopes she might one day be fit for a king.
Sired by Rannoch, birthed by Liffey.

2019 Siblings - Connall, Darroch, Larkin, Willow, and Holly Lu
2020 Siblings - Ericth, Kinloch, Barrow, Nore, Foye, Slaney
2021 Siblings - Bandon, Fergus, Moy
Littermates of 2022 - Vartry, Erne, Faele, Lir, Tuireann, Cethleann,
2023 Siblings - Ronan, Liath
Pack History
Frosthawks - Birth to present.
Profile of Faele: Additional Information
Registered on June 29, 2023, last visited February 16, 2024, 08:52 PM
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Unknown photographer, Galina88
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