Profile of Fiona: Quick Facts
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Played By: aerinne
Basic Info
Full Name: Fiona of Greenroot
Subspecies: Mixed
Size: Tiny, Lanky
Sex: Female
Gender: Woman
Pronouns: she/her
Age: 1 year+ (1 March 2022)
Birthplace: Greenroot
At a Glance
Fiona's familiar, Prowler, is never far away. She is a young raccoon who Fiona acquired during a traditional coming of age ceremony.
Profile of Fiona: Details
Black fur. Left eye is yellow, right eye is orange.
Reserved, but friendly. Fiona has an innate ability for framing situations in a new light. She was also trained—like all those in Greenroot—in the ways of plant life, both healing and poisoning.
Greenroot is a longstanding coven about a month's travel from Teekon Wilds. When Fiona came of age, she spent a few months raising Prowler from a babe before setting off—familiar in tow—to provide her services elsewhere.
Prowler — familiar
Pack History
Greenroot — 03/2022 to 05/2023
Loner — 05/2023 to present

Counselor (Advisor)
Naturalist (Botanist, Toxicologist)
Profile of Fiona: Additional Information
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